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Cruel to be kind.


I do not think there is a human being on the planet let alone an Australian who can not connect with the story of someone fighting for a better life. No one can say otherwise. The question is do some people fighting for a better life be given a back seat because other people fighting for a better life can pay for a journey?

There is no politics here. While we do not want to see people drown, we are reluctant to send back asylum seekers to lands they have fled from. The coalition offer temporary asylum. It was in effect a way to deter those who wanted to come here. But they came anyway. Because while the coalition wanted to be seen to be cruel, they also wanted to be seen to be kind. And the coalition let them work.

Fast forward a decade and the cruel and kind argument is still going. Is it cruel to try and deter people. Do we not want to be kind and allow them to work?

How or why the media continue to play this as a political issue is beyond me. There is nothing political here because we have no idea what to do. But whatever is done we dont like. Yet whatever is done has to be done.

Here is the problem.

The nations as a whole are prepared to take only so many refugees in a year.

The worse nations economies, the less places they are prepared to take.

People are prepared to risk their lives. Sorry. But its true. And this is just to get into the queue for bread where they come from. So getting on a boat is a doddle.

So what do we do?

Do we let the ones who get here in, lock em up, or send them back?

All options are cruel and kind. But I guess you got to be.

A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. Matthew Ross permalink

    The Econmics of it is a funny, 1 it would cost less to release people put them on centre link payments than keep people in detention. 2 some people in fact suggest there’s too many reasons to do this, but in fact people in country towns of the main land are screaming for workers, and its working the refugees have skills and are used look at Tasmania as an example, look for those crying out in Victoria there’s a lot more than fear mongering. suggested reading is burnside as well. just my thoughts passing through don’t mind me I’m a refugee from thought

    • Sure. But at end of day we can only do so much. If we decide we accept 40,000 refugees a yeah, who tells applicant 40,0001 he wasn’t lucky?

      • Matthew Ross Sponge at work dont squeeze me I will cry permalink

        So you understand if you offer 40000 there are only 2000 refugees in Indonesia or so and in Malaysia has 100000 90% come from Indonesia, now what you also need to think is they are in fact our allies or people our enemy’s persecute, they come from farmer back ground and since the rural industry is suggesting they need to have a 100000 people I feel you need to look into and research what I am suggesting, see if I am wrong sure I am on some figures just think if all of those people where made to pay $100 to UNICEF for 10 years how much extra money Malaysia and Indonesia would have to deal with Refugees after all Indonesia has 1 person from the United Nations processing people, not sure about Malaysia but I bet its under staff to deal with 100000 people and we could begin exporting massive amounts of produce in a world with dangerous climate change. Wouldn’t it be nice to have food security, after all these people come from dessert regions don’t they, and the only reason they dont have food is because bullets keep on flying past there head, if they produce food and they don’t grow poppy’s for the heroin trade. hmmm cant see a few holes in the argument at all once you get to look at some facts everyone says its 2 hard yet its clear we are not looking at the big picture oh well back to passing thru being a refugee of thoughts

      • Matthew Ross Sponge at work dont squeeze me I will cry permalink

        love your work Ash keep pumping it out and enjoy it

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