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Lights are on but nobody’s home





Amazing images of the planet at night. I was especially interested in the image of World and Australia during October 2012. All those lights in WA. That would no doubt be the mining industry. Watch it chew through more electricity then all the cities combined. Some say these are bushfires. If you look (click image below), there are some ‘bushfires’ in the ocean off the WA coast.


Now you may or may not believe me. But here is another image of the planet from 2003 at night. Now you know what they mean by a mining boom huh?


A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. Alister Ferguson permalink

    It said somewhere in the original story that those are bushfires – but isn’t it all desert out there? Mysterious…!

  2. Alister Ferguson permalink

    Interesting – the sat images appear to show fires in the north-west.

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