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Don’t judge them by what they say. Judge them by what they do.


Abbott to reinforce support for NDIS

Opposition leader Tony Abbott will reinforce his support for a National Insurance Disability Scheme at a rally in Perth today.

In a whirlwind visit to WA, the Liberal leader will also visit a local business in Kwinana at 10am to talk to the owner about issues facing small businesses.

Disabled people, carers and supporters will march from the Hay Street Mall to Stirling Gardens where a public rally will be held in support of the NDIS outside Council House at 12.30pm.

Wow! The coalition are committed! Lets see how committed. Below is a photo of parliament as the Prime Minister introduced the NDIS legislation in parliament (9.13 am  29/11/2012). (click to see full image)


Its okay though! Tony Abbott clearly had better things to do.

@TonyAbbottMHR Good to catch up again with Milly Parker, founder of Happy Yappers. I know our dog, Maisie, will love her dog treats!


(sent 8.56am 29.11.2012)

  1. Tweed permalink

    Yes Tony did have better things to do. Ignoring Gillards attempt to distract attention away from the AWU Corruption scandal and the documentation detailing Gillard’s role in the AWU Corruption scandal, by tabling a premature and unfunded policy, a policy that by the way has had bipartisan support from Day One, Tony was informing the electorate of the AWU Corruption scandal directly to the media.
    I wonder if Gillard will ever start a day without a Spin event. One wonders why Gillard chose 9.00 am today to table a draft, lite, bipartisan Bill. Unredacted Minutes is pertinent this morning.
    McTeirnan to Gillard. ….My Kingdom for a distraction this morning…

  2. Chris permalink

    I think you need to do more research in what you put up. You should know that Milly Parker is a dedicated Disability Advocate. This meeting with Tony Abbott was to rally more information and to get Tony on board with the NDIS. So this wasn’t a waste of time as you put. Milly Parker strives to put the word out there and is a voice for people with disabilities. Please on future do research on what you put on your website

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