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Okay. Time to blurb some about me.

I used to be in IT industry. Worked for some major government departments, then a private company that caters for these departments and other private businesses and then for the Australian National University.

Had one of them mid age crisis things amongst other life stuff and decided to give acting a go. Yes. I know. WTF? But I did okay for a while and even got a film gig!

Me and the Superman guy

Since then I dabbled at art and writing and seem to like both a lot.

I also am attracted to blogging about political and social commentary although that did not start till the last week of the 2010 Australian Federal Election which.

Currently trying to turn a book out of a screenplay I wrote a few years back and hope to be able to get it published.

Till then, I blog the occasionally short story and poetry.

Enjoy and feel free to comment as all of it helps me get this writing thing right.


PS! Oh my! I have been nominated in the inaugural Notion Factory Wonkley Awards for 2010. I feel all fluffy and stuff.

  1. Hi there Ash’s to ashes

    Love your Odd story! Have RSS’d you to my igoogle page and will read the rest of your stuff later. Just getting into the blogosphere myself and loving it.

    • Thank you very much. I will put up some more short stories soon. Currently in a political mode re our Election here in Australia so it may be boring lol

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

  3. Haha. Enjoyed your introduction. Well I’m just a uni student from Sydney, with a degree that dabbles in politics, which has turned me into a cynic. So your reads are worth a laugh or two from me. I have hence, followed. Cheers

  4. Would like to publish your “The Sounds of Silence” pce on our site, with accred back to your blog of course. Email me direct. Sincerely, John.

  5. Came across your blog via twitter. An enjoyable read. Love the way you’ve treated the political matters. The vids work really well and put a good spin on the absurdity of it all.

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