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Blue sky


Sure. It’s only been a few weeks. But it’s also the ides of March. The day many in the press warned us about.

But since then, the whole leadership challenge and the probing into a wound that had not been treated since 2010 has been exposed to a very public dose of disinfectant and wire scrubbing. The pain the pain. But since all that, I’ve noticed a remarkably different set of headlines in the media. Could this one issue have been clouding everything the government has been trying to say about its record? You bet.

Now we get headlines about actually policy! Can you imagine that! Actual policy! It’s a much better position for the incumbent government than the first 12 months of its life defending a position with no policy. None revealed that is until mid way 2011. Because this time they can talk about their policy because its out there. The coalition on the other hand are holding onto their policy hand although they do assure us they have them. This is almost the same position the government was in in its first 12 months. Interesting yes?

Still. A lot of political damage was done to the ALP over the leadership challenge of 2010. You see it in the primary vote. But also a lot of that damage was done due to the details not being told to the public. In a way, the leadership challenge of 2012 helped bring details to issues muddied in speculation and innuendo that had been all profitable for the coalition. The coalition now needs to find new barbs to target.

Yesterday the opposition leader took another almighty kick into the heads of asylum seekers linking them to illegal gun trade. Reffos with guns? Is that the link? No mention of Reffos with guns and heroin shipments? Still you had to laugh. I was wondering what he would use as reason to suspend standing orders this week and someone told me not to worry as he would find something and low and behold!

I really don’t trust the leader of the opposition. There is something about him. Can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it was his ludicrous ‘stop the boats’ slogan. Or maybe it was ‘CO2 is weightless’. The leader of the opposition has never answered my twitter question to the #asktony hashtag. ‘What weighs more. A tonne of steel or a tonne of CO2’. I think he is consulting Howarths.

While he consults….

Climate change still a reality despite soggy summer, warns report

Australia’s top climate advisory panel has warned strongly against letting the recent mild and wet weather encourage complacency about climate change, insisting the long-term trend remains as alarming as ever.
Following yesterday’s CSIRO report that warned greenhouse gas levels were the highest in 800,000 years, the Climate Commission – a scientific agency set up to inform Australians about global warming – expressed concern in a discussion paper that people were confusing weather patterns with long-term climate change.

Read more:

CSIRO remind us that while we are getting loads of heat breaking records, we don’t get that many low breaking records. And so this article agrees.

Records Fall Across Country as Temperatures Soar

The weird winter of 2011-12 has given way to a truly odd March weather pattern, with a big dip, or “trough”, in the jet stream out west, and a large ridge of high pressure in the East which is allowing warm air to flow from the South all the way up into Canada. Yesterday alone, 117 record daily high temperatures were set, along with 74 records for warm overnight low temperatures. This compares to just four daily cold high temperatures and two cold overnight low records.

More records are likely to be set during the next 7-to-10 days, especially from the Midwest to the Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast. These regions can expect high temperatures to run 20 to 30 degrees F above average for this time of year.

I am reminded of the urban myth on how a lobster was cooked by our ancestors. They would build a fire out in the open and allow it the heat to die down very low. Then the lobsters are put into a pot of cold water and set on this very low heat.  Slowly you add more fuel to the fire, but ever so slowly. The poor lobsters don’t notice the increase in heat as it is so gradual, the variation is imperceptible until it is too late. By night time, the villagers had dinner.

Till then, all the lobsters can do is gaze out of their tomb-in-waiting at the view of the sky above them. They don’t notice their impending doom. All they see is blue sky. What they think is nothing but clear blue sky.

A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. Robina permalink

    We have to accept that the man is a Moron . He also has Machiavellian tendencies. He himself never lets his right hand know what his left hand is doing. But after yesterdays performance in Parliament he has shown seriously deluded behaviour. The only one hanging on his every word was the socio-path Mirabella , the rest of them were cringing . Why the Party is tolerating this is beyond belief. And the Greens are no better than them, either.

    Ash I have to ask is it your rapid typing that constantly causes you to put THEN instead of THAN where it should be? Really takes away from your ability to make great points credible. Please correct it aaarrggghh 😉

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