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Cost of Suspension of Animation in Parliament.


So Tony Abbott called yet another suspension of standing orders. I think it was number 45. So I started to ask myself what does this cost the taxpayer?

There are 150 members of parliament in the House of Representatives. Salary varies from backbenck to minister or shadow minister. But roughly, around 180k per head salary. Politicians tell us they work 80 hour weeks and its true, they have long days. But for a week they pull $3500 a week on average. About $500 a day. Or roughly (8 hour day) $62.50 an hour.

When a suspension motion is called, 150 people on roughly an average of $62.50 hour stop working for one half hour. Roughly $4700 per suspension of standing orders. And that is just the members! There are also supplementary staff and visitors that have to wait half an hour too. But based only on the ministers themselves, at $4700 a suspension, and considering Abbott has called for at least 44, then that’s $207,000 so far.

That means in 18 months, Abbott has successfully wasted up to $207k! Add axillary staff and time lost in meetings and you got to be up near $500k surely.

Pretty sure that $500k can be better spent on services then on free advertising for Tony Abbott. Tony calls them to get attention. All eyes turn to him where he begins to try to cryogenically knock us out to sleep. There are very good reasons why you need to suspend standing orders. Unfortunately, despite calling 44 of them, Abbott has never had good enough reason for the motion to be carried. Every single one has been defeated.

The sad part of course is if one day Abbott actually has a good reason to suspend standing orders, no one would be watching as the public had suspended their interest in him.

A. Ghebranious  2012

  1. Nice post Ash, was actually wondering about the cost myself at suspension number 35,39, 40 and 43 and yes just exactly why does it continue unabated.
    I keep waiting for Slipper to mention some obscure provision concerning frivolous allegations or unseemly conduct. But alas I suspect those provisions went bye bye when Howard introduced the new privelage laws, tightened some already existing and relaxed others regarding the type of questions posted in the house of reps right after he took a hiding by Labor.

    Surely Abbotts refusals and behaviour breach Parliamentary codes for innapropriate conduct. His behaviour is just unbecoming for any Leader much less one that refuses to debate in favour of lies, misdirection and fallacy, thats FALLACY not phallic… because if I said phallic that would suggest I regard Tony Abbott is a large phony cock.

    Oh wait….I do…… Bah ha ha ha… (-:

    Good blod and im sharing it everywhere.

  2. Thank you to Pip at Café Whispers blog for providing the link. If Abbott is this useless in opposition, heaven help us if he ever becomes Prime Minister.

  3. Your right, it didn’t occur to me but it is an issue of wasting tax payers money that I’m sure the majority of the public don’t know about.

    Imagine how many new wheel chairs could be purchased for disabled kids with 500k.

    Makes you wonder, would Mal Turnbull pull such a stunt?

  4. The thing is, they’re not stopping work. The MPs are doing some of the things MPs do during all of that ‘wasted’ time.

    Could they be doing something more productive? Hell yes. Is waiting for the motion to be put, argued and voted on ‘work’ for an MP? Yes. Yes it is.

    I’d be happy for Abbott to be declared a vexatious motioner, or equivalent – but it’s all within process, and all part of the job. Besides, what would they be doing otherwise? Fielding Dorothy Dixers and refusing to answer questions from the opposition / being on the other side of same? That’s not that productive anyway.

    • I was thinking re the case where ministers or shadow ministers had planned meetings with business leaders and then they have to delay that, wasting the business leader’s time and also throwing them out re trying to get on plane to go home etc. Its a delay in procedures that achieves nothing unless it succeeds and Abbott’s each and every call has been lost on the floor. Even when six of his own are in the sin bin, he does it.

  5. Good points. What is the average number of SSOs in a a year or term? Along with the cost I wish I’d gone into that more seriously than this when I posted about Speaker Slipper’s performance to date.

    What of time-wasting SSO’s
    Used by Abbott against his foes?
    Some forty two so far of those.
    More still? Only God, or Slipper, knows!

    I’ve just done a ‘Post Post Script’ referring to estimate of cost to taxpayer and public at Can you see Slipper ultimately finding a strategy for dealing with this?

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