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Cart before the horse


The Queensland election is gearing up to be…interesting. With the Katter’s Australia Party video getting more coverage then they had hoped, with the strong state wide swing against Anna Bligh, the most interesting question is will Campbell Newman even win Ashgrove?

According to the polls, Newman has a struggle and not much time to address it. And if Newman dips out, then the LNP will be in deep do do. You see, when they decided to nominate Campbell Newman to the lofty height of leader of a party and a prospective premier, they had all basically agreed that there was no one sitting MP worthy of being party leader.

Imagine that. Not one single elected member of their party was worthy to be leader. Further, they opted to ignore the choices the public had voted for and opted to nominate an unelected candidate. And if he fails to win Ashgrove, he will continue to be unelected.

So what do they do now?

A vote for the LNP could be a vote for a party with no head.

A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. Geoff permalink

    … not as much doo doo as Anna and ALP. The angry electorate is still in a spanking mood re ALP both State and Federal.
    Either way in Ashgrove, Can Do will go down in history as the hero.
    BTW I think the bookies get it right most of the time. Today’s prices are Can Do $1.28 to Kate $3.55 to win Ashgrove.
    State is $1.14 Can Do and $5.25 ALP.
    I have a lazy $50 Ash……..?

    • Oh Geoff! Bookies take bets from people outside the electorate as well as in. Only those IN the electorate get to vote.

  2. Geoff permalink

    … but Ash. The bookies don’t care whether the punters live in the electorate or not. The bookies just want to make the right call….. which they generally do. ……. and your response to the lazy $50?

    • But Geoff, bookies get it wrong so often! Elections are not a sport.

      • Geoff permalink

        Elections are a sport. Come Sunday 24th I will have the feet up, a carton of Crownies in the fridge and glued to Antony Green’s commentary and Skynews. I have booked the Fox upgrade to HD.
        The Fed election whenever it is will be even better. I have promised the family to get a bigger LED/LCD for that occasion.

  3. Mr. Eyesore permalink

    What’s the old saying about “a fool and his money…”?

    Yes, and good luck following the Queensland election on ‘Sunday 24th’ [sic].

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