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Occupy My Time


Much like the singing in that last song, there is something discordant with the Occupy movement.

The most obvious aspect is there is no real focus. I mean there is and there isn’t. The protesters come with diverse gripes from those who want a fair go for average people, to those who are worried about chemical additives in drinking water and everything in between.

The most annoying part is some in this wave of movement think they are somehow the first to ever speak up against ‘the system’. Suddenly they see themselves as front line soldiers and call land ‘ground zero’. All the militaristic rhetoric that many went in to protest about in the first place!

But what really gets me is this idea that protesting against ‘the man’ means not needing to wash. Or that you are more committed because of the number of piercings you have.

Don’t get me wrong! I actually support a lot of what they are calling for! I just feel uncomfortable about joining them and standing next to someone with dreadlocks older then me.

And that’s what I see is the problem. In an attempt to make a point, the movement has in fact done itself a disservice and kept away people who would normally support them. Instead of crowds made up by everyone from every walk in life, you are left with university students who need an excuse to get out of an assignment or people who see it as a great way to save on rent.

The most simple ideas are the most powerful. And maybe that is where the movement need to refocus on. The idea that you can still protest in a suit and tie as much as cut off jeans and a tie dyed t-shirt.

Is this the first movement of its kind? Hardly. Will there be more in the future? Most likely. Will removing the tents somehow destroy the message? Hell no! Will the idea be lost if there is no physical presence? Again a big hell no.

An idea is like a science theory. Usually the person who poises the idea does not live long enough to see it used. But the idea itself moves on.

But you also need to remember that movements don’t go anyway without a direction. I think the movement needs direction. Currently each occupy movement has its own little autonomy because they don’t want to appear like they are all alike. Guess what? They look all alike.

If the gripe is people are sick of cooperates getting a bigger slice of the pie, then you are just asking for a bigger slice yourself.

The real question that should be asked is why do we need pie at all? What is pie? And how does having a bigger slice of it mean I can love my family more?

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Very true Ash, their message seemed to get totally missed, all we saw were freadlocks and piercing, and all the press really talked about was the smell.
    In most cases the delivery is more important than the message, in this case the delivery was poor and the message confused….
    Those Occupying Wall St had a genuine gripe, those occupying Sydney, Melbourme, and wherever else in Australia, if they did, it didn’t seem like it….

  2. Robina permalink

    My sense of irony is too well honed. The New York protesters are there because they believe that Corporate America shat all over their fellow citizens with their greedy and banal behaviour, and should be removed from the business landscape for dirty behaviour. And today said protesters were evicted for literally shitting all over their fellow citizens. This too showed contempt for others just like the big boys ‘up the big end of Town’. IRONIC innit!!!!!!!!

  3. singlewhitefather permalink

    Yes the 99 per cent want a bigger slice of the pie and a smaller slice for the 1 per cent who currently gorge about 40 per cent of the pie. And yes that does mean they want to provide more for their family.

    It is pretty simple, pretty direct, pretty easy to understand for 99 per cent of adults.

    Why is that so hard for you to understand? Maybe you went to a school that teaches snobbery and not mathematics.

    And why are you obsessed with people who don’t dress or look the same as you? You say “I don’t like the way you I’m not listening to you.”

    No wonder there is an occupy movement.

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