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Apologises to D. H. Lawrence. Nah. Only kidding! And yes. I expect to lose followers. Oh well. This is my opinion and only my opinion. Agree with it, great. Disagree, well that’s fine too.

The Prime Minister has announced a conscience vote on same sex marriage. Some in the ALP are calling for the Coalition to do the same. Well stuff me!

What the hell is wrong with people? The construct of marriage, and that is what it is, a construct, should have NOTHING to do with governments!

Marriage was invented as a way to diffuse trouble when people got super horny. It’s nothing but a property act. I own this horse. I own this tree. I own this land. I own this person.

But there is the fricking problem! Marriage, or any relationship that is similar, is totally between the people involved! It’s not the field of governments! Other then to ensure that both people and all those brought into that relationship have rights and obligations. But that’s it! They have no right to wave a wand and pronounce marriage as a title.

This is STRICTLY a matter between the two (or more – hello Romney).

The role of government is to ensure that the legal rights of a relationship are equal including next of kin rights and other legal rights. That is it! The relationship is solely the fare of those involved. Regardless of if they choose a de facto relationship, or a civil union, or a traditional marriage, their rights, under the law must be equal. That is where the purpose of government ends!

If you are not religious, then a bond between you and a partner is a covenant you make to each other! That’s it! Once you make that commitment, then yes, expect the government to enforce laws that entitle you to legal rights and equal legal rights.

If you ARE religious then a bond between those involved is just that. A bond between you and them and God. The line is ‘What God has joined together, let no man rend asunder.’ It is not ‘what God and the Government have agreed upon through cooperative legislation let no man rend asunder’.

I really don’t understand the desire to push this in this country as all relationships HAVE been given those rights. Further, I find it disturbing that a government is needed to force religious bodies into acceptance! That’s is not the role of government! That is YOUR job! Go see your priests and minsters and take the debate to them! The government has done all it can and all it should. Well almost.

What the Government really should do is abolish the marriage act totally. It’s a legislation that has no place in government when government has already created laws for legal equality re inheritance, next of kin etc.  If those involved then wish a traditional marriage, then it is between them and their church: not the government. Unless the response from that religious body violates the anti discrimination act.

Once the act is abolished then ALL relationships are treated as equal. That’s it. It’s not about changing the act. It should be about abolishing it.

No one has the right to OWN anyone else. What you celebrate is they CHOOSE to be with you. That’s what the fundamental core of any relationship is. And one worthy of holding a party for all your friends and family for. But that’s the key. YOUR family and friends. Not the government.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Nicely put and I agree. Oh yeah, so does MY wife.

  2. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Agreed Nice say Ash!

  3. patriciawa permalink

    Thanks for putting my somehwhat confused thoughts (and feelings) on this into a cohesive argument.

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