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Emissions Rating


If you want to better manage your weight, you need to look at what it is that is going into your body. Of course doing this can remind us exactly what it is we are eating and might just put us off our meal.

For example this looks yummy!

Till you really have a closer look at what you are eating. I had to take three screens as the information on the right hand side continues.

As you can see, when you look at the yummy list of antioxidants 300, 304, 307 AND 330, as well as emulsifiers and acidity regulators etc, it is  far far away from two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese  pickles onions on a sesame seed bun.

Still, an understanding of what we actually are putting into our mouths is vital if you want to manage your weight better. You don’t need to necessarily count calories, but you need to know roughly where a food is on a scale so you can decide to eat less or eat more depending on your needs.

Now while its nice to get a fridge or a TV with a sticker with stars on it to help you judge the energy usage for the product, what it does not tell you is how much that device costs not only in the emissions produced to make it, but the emissions produced while using it.

If we are really serious about emissions, then this is stuff we need to know. Water is becoming a limited resource and yet it shocks many to see this.

I am not trying to shock you. Although you should be. If you are a farmer this is information that is vital to better produce livestock and vegtables that will sell well at the markets.

No one wants to know this in consumer land though. We happily continue munching on foods we don’t even know what is in it. And when we found out what was in them, we wished we had not known as it spoils it all.

But eventually, as water becomes a global problem, we need too look at ways to deliver nutrition and taste without wasting the resource.

So I got to thinking. Why do we not have a kiloemmisions rating like the kilojoule rating? That is not only what is in the food, but how much emissions emitted to bring the product to the consumer. That includes not only the energy to cook the food, but the cost of its freight, refrigeration, storage, and even what it is wrapped up or served in.

But not only food, but everything. How many emissions were produced to make this white shirt? How many in this one? The consumer now not only can compare prices or ingredients that went in to make something, but the cost in emissions to get it to you. They can then choose to buy goods made with lower emissions.

Now I know the tea party nutters will think this some kind of over regulation forcing small business to work out information that is too hard to work out.


If you run say a restaurant, you cost every single ingredient. If you run a business, you keep an eye on your costs. If you run a farm, you need to know how much feed and water needed for your stock.

And in a world where we need to reduce emissions as a whole, we need to know to make informative decisions.

The idea is to get people to think and to understand the cost of consumerism to how much emissions we exude to the atmosphere.  Still. You get some really stupid industries.

See one industry I will never understand is the bottled water industry. Not only is the consumer paying 1000 times the cost of the actual water, the bottles made to put water in produces emissions that are not produced when one turns on a tap.

When you turn on a tap at home, not only do you get water on the cheap, no oil is used to make plastic. Nor do you waste energy actually bottling the stuff.

This is what the business world fears. That we will be more aware of what they are wasting in making us a pretty bottle. That we will choose to spend our money on products made with fewer emissions. That we will stop paying 1000 times more for water.

Anyway. Just putting the idea out.

A. Ghebranious   2011  (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Gee Thanks do not eat at MCDOnalds any more.

  2. mickhs permalink

    Great information. Thanks.

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