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K.I.S.S. Me.


No, no! Not them! K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid. Its a motto I find  that works a lot around humans. I don’t mean to insult our species. It’s just that we tend to overcomplicate a situation and we end up arguing about bullshit.

The guy in the following video kind of brings it all back to a simple series of hypothetical possibilities.

I hope you watched it. It really is a very to first principles argument and it is very clear that if we spend the time arguing over if something is true or not, we tend to not see what the effects or the results will be if something is true or if it is not.

You can’t deny his logic. Albeit it is a very very simplistic overview on the question and the choices are limited.

He is right. We are spending a lot of time debating the rows; in this case if something is true or not, but no one is talking about the columns. The debate about the row is fun. But at the end of the day, we are going to need to choose a column.

A.Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

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    Thanks I think.

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