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Corey Bernardi took to the airwaves this morning to offer the Australian people a collection of his thoughts. I assume John Landis will be suing.
Bernardi has a issue with the ABC. He feels that its presence is somehow stifling a diversity of views. He seems to think with the ABC stifled or destroyed, this will lead to an increase of diversity. That’s right! Bernardi is under the delusion that the removal of the ABC will allow more diversity between Murdoch and Fairfax. I don’t know about you, but if you have say four players, and you silence one of them, you are left with just three. How this offers diversity is beyond me.
I provide a link to the interview here
Bernardi’s argument is the ABC has some how exponentially grown from its original ‘radio channel’ to now hurting poor Rupert’s News Limited and Fairfax from being able to compete. What utter rot Corey. The ABC saw the internet before you ever learned how to spell it. They began years ahead of News Limited or Fairfax. Years ahead of rival TV stations. iView is the most innovative feature ever added by a media organisation in this country. The commercial TV channels were just starting with their websites when the ABC had paved the way with this innovation. They created The Drum while Rupert was still playing with print. They singlehandedly saw the niche, saw the opportunity and the market and CREATED online services that commercial channels of print and visual media could not and would not at the time touch. And now, having been gazumped by the ABC with a fraction of the budget that Rupert spends on just ONE of his media outlets, Bernardi wants to shut the ABC down or stifle it to allow Rupert to rake in the cash.
The funny thing here is Bernardi seems to think that the ABC are too MUCH of competition for News Limited and Fairfax. Yeah that’s right. Too much competition is a bad thing for organisations that champion competition. This is like Malcolm Turnbull’s bullshit that FOXTEL and OPTUS is all the competition Australians need to access the NBN. Lets ignore the fact that to get to their version of the NBN you have to deal with TELSTRA first. Diversity means more than one or two options in the market place Mr Bernardi. But no doubt, no matter what I say, you will argue for Rupert Murdoch over and beyond the Australian people.
You will sit there, promote for Rupes and stand by your man.


A. Ghebranious (December 2013)

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