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These lies MUST stop!



Border controls are measures taken by country to monitor or regulate its borders. Border controls are put in place to control both the inflow as well as outflow of people, animals and goods. Specialised government agencies are usually created to perform border controls. Such agencies may perform various functions such as customs, immigration, security, quarantine, beside other functions. Official designations, jurisdictions and command structures of these agencies vary considerably. – Wikipedia

Wikipedia is more than sufficient for this discussion. First and foremost the lie that the Australian government has lost control of its borders is a lie and MUST stop. The government of one country has no power what so ever to stop people in another country from getting on a boat. None.

But what a government can do is MONITOR their borders and apply the laws of the land and international law. So when under the Howard era, 19 of the 254 boats that did arrive, arrive unmonitored and undetected, then THAT was a loss of border control. To make the observation that 278 boats have arrived under the Gillard governments last year is not a statement that is in any way the governments fault. And the knowledge that one boat arrived undetected out of 278 is actually an example of border control WORKING!!!

Now the government has to abide by LAW and diplomatic relationships. Something Abbot scoffs. You can not turn back boats in international waters Tony. Nor can Australia patrol the coasts of Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Not our countries. And Indonesia has refused to take back those boats Tony. Now Sri Lanka makes a lot of fuss about taking back boats, but I doubt they will if they were found to be genuine refugees.

So the government can only act within the law. And as we have seen in Parliament, that is the law that the majority of the players agree. Let me say that again MAJORITY. That is a important word to remember when you talk about minority government because it reminds you that other people helped pass this law. In this case, the coalition. The same people now complaining about it.

It is NOT illegal to seek asylum. It is NOT the government’s fault that people in other countries get on boats. And we have NOT lost control of our borders. The media must report the truth. You are creating racial hate where there was none before. For me, this is where the party ends.



A. Ghebranious April 2013

  1. Sandra Searle (@SandraSearle) permalink

    It always amazes me that the opposition think that they have the answers to the Asylum problem.
    They don’t.

    What I would like though, is for the gov. not to be continually pushed into having to follow some sort of idiotic default line that was the LNP policy and one that a lot of people don’t agree with.
    The Greens policy for Asylum Seekers is very admirable and idealistic, one that is humanitarian by nature. Under previous circumstances years this worked i.e the Vietnamese boat people back in the 70’s.

    The reason it is so different nowadays is that their are so many dangerous flashpoints in the world putting peoples lives in so much danger, they are fleeing for their lives. There are thousands of these people all over the world and their are many countries that have to deal with the same problem as we do.

    What is happening right now is far from ideal. The fact that the LNP will not co-operate with the gov. in a bipartisan fashion, only wanting to use the situation as a political weapon and bludgeon the PM & the gov. by bullying them.

    Abbott & the LNP think their outdated policy on Asylum Seekers who arrive in boats is the only one that will work, it isn’t. Their policy was a bad policy then and it is still a bad policy and certainly not one suited for the huge problem that those people who really are just trying to find a safe place to live and bring up their families.

    As a country, we should honor the Refugee Convention on Human Rights. Our government should stop pandering to LNP bullying. What we need to do is vote in the next election for the best policy regarding the refugee problem.

    What the government needs to do up until the next election is remind us all of what the Houston recommendations were designed to do over and over again and again. It is not perfect but for this time in history it is the best solution for now.

  2. Sandra Searle (@SandraSearle) permalink

    Apologies for the ‘their/there’ miss spell. Having problems with lag on my computer. Time for a clean up I think.

  3. Fed up permalink

    is time for all to get back to that negioating table,

    There is no ideal solutiion, but there has to be better than what we have now.

    This should be above politics, as it was in the past.

    As long as Abbott and Co believe there are votes in the status quo, nothing is going to improve.

    People will continue to drown.

    The boats will not stop, if Abbott is elected.

    If Abbott goes down the path he is promising, I believe much harm will be done with our ongoing relations with many countries within the region.

  4. jane permalink

    Liealot’s “promise” to stop the boats is as hollow and stupid as all his other 3 word slogans.

    As Ash states in the post, neither the PM nor Liealot has any power to stop people getting on boats and trying to reach our shores.

    They have no power over what occurs in other countries, nor do they have the power, the right or the authority to patrol other countries’ borders or force boats in international waters to turn around.

    Liealot is grandstanding for his redneck audience, but as always, he is long on rhetoric, but very short on facts and truth.

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