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Open Letter to Tony Abbott


Hiya Tony! Hows tricks?

So you haven’t had that great a time of it late have you? I mean there’s there whole who sold bits of whose arse thing last week, and then today, you make history being probably the first opposition leader to be ejected from parliament. The statisticians are still working on this. You may not be the first, but you surely broke a drought either way!

*addendum! Abbott only gets the bronze. Third opposition leader to be ejected in 112 years of parliament*

*oops! there have been five opposition leaders ejected. Abbott has been first since 1986*


Now the deputy speaker did seem to upset you today, but she has given you great advice.

‘You just couldn’t help yourself, could you?’

See Tony, I think you really should take that in. I know you wont though because its in your nature to keep doing it. I am sure you have been told to control yourself on many occasions in your life including those early run-ins with the law you had. But you just dont seem to get it.

You make iron clad, rock solid guarantee after guarantee and you can tell you only said that because you could not help yourself. Whether it’s ‘Dead, buried, cremated’ or ‘Stop the boats’ or even ‘Stop the smokes’, you really just can not help yourself.

That’s why I think you do not deserve to be prime minister. You have no control. No subtly. No finesse. No grace.

In fact, you’re a disgrace.

Anyway big ears, you keep the comedy coming okay!

Yours cheekily (get it Tony? Cheek as in blackberry)

[MORE ADDENDUM! – within minutes of the opposition leader getting ejected, Warren Truss tweeted the following spin 

@WarrenTrussMP Tony Abbott becomes 3rd Opposition Leader in history to be thrown out of Parliament. The other two were Menzies and Howard. Good Omen! (Time: 15.18 – Abbott booted 15.07)

The one thing Warren doesn’t mention is that Menzies and Howard were ejected over a debate over issues. Abbott got ejected because he is a dickhead. ]

A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. “Dear Moron…”

  2. Catching up permalink

    It has been coming for a while. It was just a matter of time. Any idea of what he was asked to withdraw. Whatever it was, it was one step too far for Albanese.

  3. dafid1 permalink

    He withdrew the self descriptive word ‘liar’ then added ..’but you are still a liar” To quote the Andy Williams hit.. ‘A Fool never Learns’… Kapow Anna delivers the knockout blow..get OUTa here.

  4. I think you saved the best ’til last.

    “The one thing Warren doesn’t mention is that Menzies and Howard were ejected over a debate over issues. Abbott got ejected because he is a dickhead.”

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