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Instant Karma is gonna to get you Australia


What a week huh? Personal anguish for all of us. I mean who would have thought after turning our back on that old formula, we would be back to where we started?

That’s right people! Big Brother is back on TV! What did you think I was talking about?

I love karmic alignments. And I am not sure if many people have painted in all the dots.

11 years ago a ship called the Tampa was in the headlines. This week its sister ship did the same thing.

11 years ago we started down a Bing Crosby and Bob Hope journey to Nauru. Lei’s for everyone! 11 years later, we are back on the yellow brick road.

And 11 years ago, Australia ventured into the psychological change room that is Big Brother. And in this week, we return to find out who has the most deadliest bod.

The trifecta of karma all in one instant week pill. There is more to what is happening here than just politicians fault. It is clear Australia has a lot to answer for. Responsibility starts with you.

You can do something about it. Or you can just watch.



A. Ghebranious 2012

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