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Five Sunday morning Tony Abbott jokes.


What’s the difference between a picture of Kim Jong Un and a picture of Tony Abbott holding a potato?

One is a dictator and the other is a dick’n’tater

What’s the difference between President Assad of Syria and Tony Abbott?

Assad is taller, has a moustache, and has much better taste in women.


What political fundamentals are shared by both David Cameron and Tony Abbott?

Rupert Murdoch.

Is it a myth to refer to Tony Abbott as a weathervane?

Yes it is. A weathervane needs wind to change it’s direction.


What is the difference between an iPhone and Tony Abbott?

The iPhone has some form of intelligence. And its more fun at parties.

  1. tweed permalink

    Very childish Ash. You can do better.
    ….not much better though.

  2. Matt Ross permalink


  3. TweedyPie permalink

    You need a lint brush Ash. You’ve got some old bits clinging to you, looks like tweed … a very sticky bit I notice. I think you have an admirer.


    Perhaps you’ve been mistaken as Twitter … and you’re being Tweeded …… BWAHHAAAAHAAA


  4. Catching up permalink

    Was it not Abbott himself that compared what he was saying to a weather-vane.

    It was Abbot that said one cannot always believe what he says.

    He was lying when he said that. one cannot believe anything he says.

  5. What’s the difference between a mullet and tony abbott?
    One is a mud-swilling bottom feeder, and the other is a type of fish.

    • jewl permalink

      I like it, has the man ever made a constructive comment/decision of his own?

  6. Are you in love with Prime Minister Miss Agonny? Or maybe you are one of Bob Carr’s long lost ballet boys. No matter. Both get it in the end.

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