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For 20 months the people of Australia wanted Julia Gillard to tell them why she needed to replace Kevin Rudd. For 20 months the PM has approached microphones knowing she can not mention it. So no matter what she said, it appeared she was hiding something. Something cameras and mics pick up beautifully.

Kevin Rudd’s actions in the last week has allowed the veil of secrecy on this issue to be lifted. Finally, yesterday and today, the PM did not come across as she was hiding anything. And that is because she no longer is. Mind you this is only two pressers. But she appears a load has been lifted from her shoulder. She came across so differently.

Of course it could also be because she is confident of defeating Kevin Rudd.

Finally though. Finally, we know know why she did what she did. But is knowing why and accepting the reason enough to get people to reassess Julia Gillard in a new light?

Will there be time for people to do so? Will they even be prepared to take it in consideration? Oh is it a foundation stone of their distrust?

Will Gillard be able to be given more breathing space from the public? Or is it too much, too little, too late?

A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. Maureen permalink

    I hope PM Gillard is allowed some breathing space She appeared to be gaining confidence in her office & I had the feeling that the best was in front of her. Would like to see her have chance to be the Prime Minister running her own agenda.

  2. Pip permalink

    Wiil Gillard be given more breathing space by the public?

    Will the press gallery give the government any oxygen with Rudd as PM?

    In our dreams!

  3. Robina permalink

    More than 300 pieces of Legislation passed in her reign, what is this b/S that nothing is being done FCS! She is doing a brilliant job, the press are a disgrace and border on megalomania, all trying to outdo each other. Really!

  4. Geoff permalink

    Robina. All governments have to pass legislation to pay the bills. That is a given. Why the electorate is so pissed is that Gillard did deals that she had no mandate for. Instead of negotiating with the other major party she bent over for Brown, Wilkie, Bandt and any fringe dweller who put their hand up. Take that!!! as Gillard hurls a fist full of dollars and a fringe dwellers request.
    Now you say Abbott would not agree to her policies. That is the oppositions perogative. If she couldn’t negotiate with Abbott then she should have gone down the path of an election or a double dissolution. Apart from the gross and mismanaged BER, BATTS, Set Top boxes, etc etc programs she also bent over for the Greens and brought in the Carbon Tax. She had no mandate and that is why the electorate is so pissed off. That is why the polls are so disastrous and that is why there was an opening for Rudd to challenge.
    Gillard has just made bad political decisions virtually from Day 1.
    As I said to Min or one of the other whisperers. When I hear of Gillard passing a few hundred bills I just think how exhausted she must be ….. bending over for minorities a few hundred times.
    Lets just move on. Get a government that looks after the business and leave the Gillard/Rudd debacle to case studies and post mortems to Bachelor of Politics students.

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