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The Enema the ALP had to have


Every since the ALP ousted Kevin Rudd and even well before, the ALP had a regularity problem. There was some serious major blockage and that had constipated the entire party.

This challenge is the enema they had to have.

Expect shit to happen. Before any true clearage, there will be stink. It is not until the full blockage is cleared can there be regularity. But now the call is clear. Julia Gillard is going to kill the Kevin Rudd return once and for all. Likewise, Kevin plans the same. So Julia has laid down the gauntlet. Challenge me now. Winner takes all.

And that is where many see Rudd will fail. He is not ready. If he challenges and fails, then he would be tagged ‘twice rejected’. Twice rejected from his own party. If he wins, then it is a Lazarus of Lazarus event. If the PM wins then it is the twice accepted. If she fails, the victor will be Tony Abbott who will ask why Kevin Rudd had to go in the first place.

Still. Stick a hose in a dark hole and you can never be sure what might come out your way.

A. Ghebranious 2012 (All Rights Reserved)

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