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Why Off Shore Processing is unworkable


PNG is in a grip of an attempted mutiny. How this plays out is totally in the hands of the people of PNG. However, what it also highlights is the impractical aspect of offshore processing.

Nauru itself has recently gone through a political change as it did in the mid 2000’s when support for Australia’s detention centre plummeted. Now apparently its all good again and they want it back. Nothing at all with the fact that it will double their nation’s income.

But the real reason that offshore processing is unworkable and impractical is we are neither Naurians nor Papa New Guineaians. We might be strong allies of the current countries, but we can not influence what they decide to do. Well we can try, but that is just propping up a government in another country purely to allow this country to maintain our offshore processing policy.

The ONLY country where we have control over is our own! That means the only place you can sustain policy is right here! Not in PNG. Not in Nauru.

Note. The Malaysia solution, which I also do not like but is preferable to forcing boats out to sea, is NOT an off shore policy as such. However, while we have good relations with Malaysia now, any such solution is also susceptible to Malaysia choosing to cancel or alter the agreement. Or even a political change in Malaysia.

So that leaves us with the only policy where a nation has 100% control.

Onshore processing.

The problem there though is Australia has already tried onshore processing with another mob of people and we screwed that up royally.

A nation that today celebrates 224 years since the landing of a fleet of boats is being lead by political partys that seems pretty hell bent on stopping others from doing the same.

So in honour of Australia day, I remind all Australians of the fact that before you could call yourself Australian, you have to call yourself human first. And the colour of your skin or what religion you choose to call yours can never take that away.

Humanity first. No matter your colour.

A. Ghebranious 2012

One Comment
  1. Ash,
    Well said

    Much as it really bugs me to write this I must:

    Appealing to common sense just doesn’t work for the people or the bloody awful pack of people’s representatives that the people chose to elect.

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