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Yes. I am about to blog about onions.

Firstly… the news!

Oct 29, 2011 – 11:03
Farmers cry over bumper onion crop

The number of onions grown in Switzerland this year is set to be 25 per cent above the three-year average, but farmers are not celebrating.
The Swiss vegetable growers’ association said the 23,417 tonnes of onions – a result of optimal weather conditions in summer and autumn – were pushing the price down.




in fact, onions in just about every where are booming!!!

So what does this all mean? Well I dont know. I suppose if we had more recipes for onions, we can pretty much solve world starvation!

But the interesting aspect is in almost all places of bumper onion crops, if not all, locations where the climate is not supposed to be temperate, is temperate.

So what you say. Well.. onions do very well in temperate zones. Yet regions that are announcing bumper crops of onions are NOT usual temperate zones.

A rose by any other fragrance is still a rose.

And the change of temperate zones on the planet continue to be linked with climate change.

Surprise, surprise.

A. Ghebranious 2012 (Please send me your recipes for onions)

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