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If you only reach out to one….


Okay. The refugee problem worldwide is huge. Overwhelming in fact. And that makes many lose heart. Or close them. Its an elephant of a problem. But it can be done.

Basically this is my simple idea. And yes. I am the first to point out exactly how simple this is and I also understand that simple solutions do not work for complex problems. Yet this is not a solution. It is an idea that may breed a solution.

Credit goes out to Dao in the camp in Africa.

Reach out to one person.  That’s it really.

Yes I know. If I reach out to one, then there is no way this will even impact the problem. But if others also reached out to one, and there are 22 million of us, then that is 22 million people we can reach out to.

I am not so concerned with money. What my plan is is this. Reach out to people in the community now. Say hello to someone that you had not said hello to before because they looked different or you were concerned.

It is not just about accepting refugees into the country which is a complicated, and drawn out process at the best of times. And basically paperwork.

No, the real solution will be when the country can accept refugees into the community.

Once they step out of detention, they face more of that detention but behind invisible walls. And surely we can do something about that because it is us who make those walls.

If you are an employer, don’t say no because they have a different coloured skin. Or their English is not that great. If you work alongside someone who is different, rejoice in that difference because it makes us stronger, not weaker.

The weakness comes when we allow ourselves to be ruled by greed and bigotry.

Now everyone is different. And many will want to do more. But unfortunately there will be those who demand we do less.

I put it to you Australia that the hardest part is the initial reaching out. If “Go Back To Where You Came From” showed us anything it is what we think is the problem is not the problem. And any solution to stop smugglers will affect those that they smuggle.

Which brings pain to us to realise this. If we want to stop the boats, the bleeding obvious solution is to clear the camps where the smugglers get their cargo.

Now that is going to take more then one person reaching out. Or 22 million. It will require the world as a whole. But it will still only be as simple as one person reaching out.

Just times a few billion.

For those that want to get involved, I provide a few links. If you have more please add them in the comments. But also look more closer. Look to your communities. Say hello to someone close. Pass on information to those that are ill informed.

If you only reach out to one person and open a heart, then it is all easy from there.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Well that is one idea

  2. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Well that is one idea.

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