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Just the facts, ma’am


This blog will draw no conclusions. It will just offer facts. Facts that proponents and skeptics can both agree on. (NB: Profanity warning.)

FACT: Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas

FACT: Carbon dioxide is significant greenhouse gas

FACT: Carbon dioxide is part of a what is called the CO2 cycle

FACT: Carbon dioxide that is not captured is returned into the atmosphere

FACT: Carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere has increased by 30% in 100 years

FACT: Carbon dioxide is a by product of the burning of fossil fuels as well as a by product of the planet itself.

FACT: Natural carbon capture systems such as forests and soils have been affected by the growth of the population of humans on the planet.

FACT: If you have an economy based on the burning of fossil fuels, then 7 billion humans would obviously use more fossil fuels then 6 billion humans.

FACT: In August 2011, the human population will hit 7 billion.

FACT: It is estimated that in a decade the human population will hit 8 billion.

FACT: Green house gases are a important factor in the warming of the planet

FACT: Of the known green house gases, water vapor remains at a constant content in the atmosphere. This is because the atmosphere can only hold so much water vapor in the atmosphere due to the way it acts as a gas.

FACT: Of the known green house gases, water vapor has a short life (days) compared to Carbon Dioxide which will stay in the atmosphere until it is captured

FACT: Of the known green house gases, methane is a gas that is produced from the heating of the planet. That is as the planet warms and the permafrosts melt, methane from frozen marshes is released.

FACT: Chemically, methane has the following process

This further breaks down to CO + H2O → CO2 + H2. Oh Looky! CO2 again.

FACT: Of all the green house gases in the atmosphere, the ONLY one that man has any semblance of control is Carbon Dioxide. This is the most important fact of all.

FACT: A reduction of fossil fuel burning means a reduction of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

FACT: Fossil fuels are finite. That is, eventually the tap will run dry. That means any industry that is based on the mining of fossil fuels will also eventually run dry.

FACT: The effect of warming has a domino effect. The damage storms and droughts have on arable land means we will have less land to actually grow food on. Food that we will need more of as the population continues to rise. This will lead to a move by some nations to CONTROL access to arable land either by purchasing land, or other means.

FACT: Humans can be real cunts to one another.

FACT: If you want to reduce the risk factors that lead to conflict, drought, wars AND create an economy that does not burn fossil fuels, you need to look at alternate energy sources.

FACT: There are two ways that humans can reduce 50% of their carbon emissions. One is to move to 50% renewable sources. The other is to kill off half the population of the planet.


Yes This is alarming. But these are just the facts.

Draw your own logical conclusions. 

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Well Said Ash.

  2. FACT: Corporate Lobbyist Doubt the Science Spin, will NOT reduce the the Carbon Dioxide Levels in the atmosphere. (hello Very Limited News)

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