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Tony Abbott has things on his mind. None of them good.


I’ve heard some crazy ideas in my time but Abbott is taking the cake for me this week. It seems Abbott is having some brain freezes.

It started off like a regular week but with irregular weather conditions. Abbott had taken his stance against the Flood Levy and it seems he was winning support. Then along came that email and the shit hit the fan. The liberals went into immediate hysteria. Firstly they tried to blame the work experience kid. Then they tried to pin the blame on the party director. Tony even tried to say he did not okay the email when in truth as he revealed on insiders he had in fact okayed the letter. I

Now when the letter came out, I did not really think it was all that problematic. And it would not have been except for the fact that Tony has had a string of this kind of thing from the difference between what he says and what he means to truth and gospel truth. It was compounded with the 10 billion black hole and the costings debacle.  The way he handled the 17 days post the election and in particular his inability to get the support of not only the independents, but a member of his own coalition in Tony Crook.

It had all started to unravel for him. To his credit, he was able to crawl his way back and the parlimentary session at the end of last year SHOULD have been a chance for him to nail the ALP and Gillard to the wall. But again, he struggled to do so with several of his front bench making little slip ups in their enthusiasm to win back the Independents and by the end of the session, Gillard had come out on top.

The terrible tragedy on Christmas island bought a smile to his face and again he had ground. Then as Queensland prepared for the first wave of devasting floods, Tony went on holidays. By the time he arrived the water was receding in Brisbane and with it his hopes of moving to the lodge.

This morning Tony came back. Or at least that was the plan. He had ideas. He had policies! Pity he did not think them through.

Abbott declared that the government should cancel the water buy back scheme as there was plenty of water he said and we can save the money. But here is the point Tony. Yes its floods now. But next year it could be drought again. What is worse is his plan is faulty and costly.

Currently there is plenty of water so guess what? That means it is CHEAPER to buy back now then at any time! If we wait till we get another drought, then water buybacks would be expensive. In other words, instead of saving the country money, make it spend more than it needed to.

Added to the list of strange ideas came the idea to support those indirectly affected by the floods. He argued that if you are business that had business with Qld or Vic then it will affect your business. Very true. But guess what Tony? Show me one person in Australia that has not been indirectly or directly affected by the flood and cyclone?

While you scoffed at the idea of giving $900 stimulus to taxpayers, you want to give $100K interest free loans to almost every business in the country! Where the hell are you going to pay for that? For example if I had a fruit shop in Sydney and I can not trade in Qld bananas, then am I not indirectly affected by the damage? Good! Send me my interest free $100k please!

For the first time in a very long time, Tony Abbott is undergoing a pressure test. But instead of coming out on top, he has struggled to get his message across and when he does it is laced with inept and carelessly made decisions.

The liberal party does not need donations from the public. What it needs is leadership and direction and a lot less craziness.

A. Ghebranious   2011    (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Mobius Ecko permalink

    As an example of how Abbott gets it stuffed up was when questioned on where he would save money in government to pay for flood damage rebuilding he said that finding savings in the budget was extremely difficult.

    That is a direct contradiction to what he’s been stating up until this point where he’s stated that finding savings is easy.

  2. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    As the saying goes here we go again.

  3. Hi Ash

    Most enjoyable article again and again thankyou.

    Wonder how the Insider’s statement of Mr Abbott’s, re cutting back on the “water Buy back scheme”, in the Murray Darling is going to play out.

    Mr Abbott says on The Insiders this morning,there is “plenty of water”, der, der, der, I assume he means the recent Queensland disasterous flood waters.

    Wonder does Mr Abbott predict massive floods every year now, like the flood levy is going to be permanent, he said, so now the disaster floods are going to be permanent, are they.

    Looking forward as always to your next post Ash.

  4. Catching up permalink

    He is suggesting that that the loans incur 4% interest. Mr. Abbott’s want the loans to be available to those who can prove they cannot find the money anywhere else.
    Like anything he or his party suggests do not mean what they appear to on close examination.
    It is not possible to identify who qualifies for the loans. They still carry a hefty interest rate. It would be difficult and take time to prove you cannot obtain a loan in the market place.
    It is my opinion that very few would qualify and the conditions would mean that you would go under before any loan could be approved.
    Another Opposition promised that is worthless. It is not even like the curates egg, good in parts. (Something bad that is called good out of politeness or timidity)

  5. Catching up permalink

    Mr. Abbott was lamenting the fact that he does not have the rivers of gold that Labor has from the union movement. Is he saying that the rivers of gold have dried up from the business and employers organizations?

  6. Mr Rabid permalink

    Mr. Abbott was lamenting the fact that he does not have the rivers of gold that Labor has from the union movement. Is he saying that the rivers of gold have dried up from the business and employers organizations?

    The big business supporters of the Liberals include tobacco companies …

    Australian tobacco companies to pay for $5 million anti-Labor ad campaign

    Herald Sun, 04 August 2010

    Australian tobacco companies will secretly pay for a $5 million anti-Labor advertising blitz cooked up with the help of Liberal Party strategists for the final two weeks of the election campaign.

    Abbott has no shame that the Liberal Party accepts donations from tobacco companies. Note the envy in his voice when he talks about unions …

    Labor and the Greens do not accept tobacco donations – only the Liberals do!

    PS: Another great site:

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