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Coming Back Atchya!


YASI has hit far North Queensland. There is danger yet for those in the pathway as it hews a path to the Northern Territory border. For those who bore the brunt of the winds, rain may burden them some more. Anna Bligh again had words for the people of her state. We are with you. She reminded them that the help they gave southern Queenslanders during the flood will be ‘coming back atchya’.

Anna Bligh’s choice of words interested me as it summed up to date every piece of news every collated. The choices we make today define our tomorrows. The compassion we give freely to those in need is returned. But also there is another side.

Mubarak, to many Egyptians is getting a good dose of ‘coming back atchya’ right now. I am deeply disturbed by the trouble in Egypt. I left it quite young and there is a chasm between where I am and the country of my birth. Yet the streets shown on newscasts bring fond memories to my parents who grew up, went to school, fell in love, and started a family there. Their thoughts are with friends and families and I can see the conflict on their faces as they are flooded with special memories and assaulted by vision to the contrary.

NSW ALP, despite actually recovering ground, will still be shown the door it seems. Too little too late. Another case of ‘coming back atchya’.

And federally, the phrase should be etched into the policies of both parties. And we all know the time it takes to be downgraded from hero of the tax payer to donation asking scumbag – roughly a week it seems.

Mother nature it seems is also giving us a dose of ‘coming back atchya’. Of course people will deny this, but the planet is a system and in any system what you get out is due to what you put in to it.

As politicians in this country begin another year of their annual navigation between truth and drivel for the masses parade, it is timely to remind your all. What you choose to do will ‘come back atchya’. It is not only about the policies you intend to implement for us but the language you use in selling it. Your desire to get news screen time with a witty slogan is not the way you should be talking to us. We are not stupid. We are not ignorant. Do not dumb down the details. And for gods sake, respect others as much as you want them to respect you.

A. Ghebranious    2011         (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    57.7inches of snow this season Mother Nature please we NYers beg you enough already! We apologies for our inconvience to you.

  2. Matt Ross permalink

    deep respect that heart of yours on you sleave mate on your sleave

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