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The Mural(real) Project


So I saw this ad for a person that was looking for some Art students to come in and do some work for their show room.

They sell (don’t know if they still do) Winnebago’s and they had these fairly largish show rooms that they wanted to brighten up.

I got an idea of doing this series of iconic pictures connected by this winding road through both showrooms (sort of Ask the Leyland Brothers kind of thing) and went to the owner and made my pitch.

 He gave me the nod and I went and got 9 people from my art class and we did the following series.  It was in the middle of the year and we were on mid-term break, so the lure of the money and the size of the project got them interested and away we went.

  The rooms where largish and needed to be painted so we could have some kind of canvas to work with. When we arrived, they were still putting on the coat on some walls!


 We did the series in 5 working days. I have included some pics of the gang in some shots to give a sense of scale.  I’ve tried to link some shots so you get the effect of the road. These were done in 2005 and I had a crappy digital on me so they don’t really do them justice. I was very proud of my team!









 Some of the murals are very large (see below) spanning two an a bite panels and some fit into one. My favourite stroke of inspiration was the design for the wall in front of the toilets (above)which we labelled BLOKES and SHELIAS.

Dont forget to click on the pics to see any that the publishing program has cut off!

A. Ghebranious  2010                 All Rights Reserved

PS: Just to show you how long ago this was, I have forgotten the name of 4 of the painters! So to avoid embarrassment, I will wait till I track down all the names before I post credit for them but they did the bulk of the work! I did more of a management role and the odd sky/road/grass work  as needed.

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  1. alison permalink

    Oh my goodness!! WoW memories.. and that’s me and Nio at the end!! LOL They were some fun times 🙂

  2. antonio loloa permalink

    thanks for the trip down memory lane they were fun times lol alison we were like everywhere together at tafe lol i just remembered how much things we did n our crew we made up lol fun times

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