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Hello world. Its been a while since my last blog confession. But the Adam Goodes debate has awakened me from a deep slumber.
The Goodes story is not just about aboriginal and indigenous recognition. Oh no. Its much deeper than that. In 1996, a red headed person was running around the country calling for anyone who is not white to become white. It was the responsibility of any migrant to assimilate into the world of the white man. This has been proven to be an utter falsehood.
The truth is you will never accept us. We will never be one of you. How could a migrant be ever accepted as an Australian, when Australian’s refuse to accept Indigenous culture. When an Aboriginal dances, this upsets you. When an Aboriginal points to the colour of their skin, this upsets you. When Aboriginals try and explain their link to the land, this upsets you.
The word assimilate has an interesting dictionary definition:


Lets look at these definitions. Definition one says assimilate means to take in and absorb new ideas/information. But Pauline Hanson did not see this definition being a two way street at all. That is, she wanted ‘the foreigners’ to assimilate to them. However, the definition is two way. Its an exchange of ideas. Its not one side being stripped of their culture or ideas. Its a MINGLING of ideas. This is how mankind has grown. In fact the second line in the definition talks about absorbing and digesting. That is all cultures are absorbed and digested into the melting pot. It has to be.
As a migrant, I look at the way Australians treat their indigenous. How they have not been accepted into the culture of the nation. How a dance is not accepted as Australian culture. I see elements of the media lying outright about what Goodes has said and replacing what he said with their version of truth. Not assimilation, but exclusion of the truth.

So I watch the attack by mostly white people on this black man who’s people where here before any other migrant. Who’s people have tried to assimilate us into their world. And I sit and watch as we refuse to assimilate these people into Australia. Not really assimilate. We do not accept their dances or songs. The only song and dance they can have is to Cold Chisel. So I watch all this, and I see you’re inability to accept the original peoples of this country, and I laugh when you claim you want to accept people from other countries. You do not want us to be assimilated. You never have and you never will.

The issue here is your struggle with your own indigenous peoples and you inability to accept them, does not bode well for migrants in any way. And this is the truth. Instead of accepting the cultures of others, you seek to purge them. I do not want to be one of you. I want to be me. And I want to be accepted for being me and accept others for being who they are.  The treatment of Adam Goodes has not only been experienced by the indigenous, but it is the same disrespect people have for anything that is different.  You’re fear of difference does not mean they have to change. What it means is YOU have to face some changes.



A. Ghebranious August 2015

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    …should have stayed slumbering. …. ramble…ramble…ramble.

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