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If ‘Direct Action’ was a horse in the Melbourne Cup, would you bet $2.5 billion on the nose?


Well would you? ‘Direct Action’, sired out of the mating of ‘Direct Inaction’ and ‘Ignorant Twats’, is very far from a safe bet. For starters, it has never been tested. For seconders, the idea that a major corporation getting assistance to get greener sort of goes a little against the Joe Hockey theme of the age of entitlement being over.
Lets put aside the bizarre concept of police officers stopping motorists that have defects and paying the motorists money so they can fix the defects as an actual workable model: lets instead talk about the actual problem and see if the proposed Mickey Mouse plan designed by the one of the many Goofy’s that populate the coalition front benches is worth the gamble.
More CO2 in the atmosphere now than at any time in the last 800,000 years. Thats a lot of years. A real lot. It is more years than our species has walked on this planet. Heck, it is more years than one of our ancestors long extinct before our species walked on this planet. Take that in.
Did you take that in? Yes? No? Well maybe I should discuss a little about the process of evolution.
It has taken many things to happen in our evolutionary cycle for us to be here today. One being that ancestor I mentioned who never experienced CO2 levels as high as we are now experiencing. Another evolutionary factor is time. Little changes over time influenced by the environment happen and these can provide big changes. Little changes that for our species all occurred under much less CO2 in the atmosphere than we have now. Now do you get it? The changes we are making to our planet, change the very environment we needed to evolve. Well done mankind!
And how do the Ignorant Twats that populate right wing media say to refute the IPCC’s latest warning? They claim that coal has taken people out of poverty. What an interesting and utterly false statement. The working class took themselves out of poverty by standing up to bankers and mine owners.
It was ELECTRICITY that has taken people out of poverty. Not coal. All the IPCC are saying is lets find cleaner ways to generate electricity. And there are other ways of generating electricity. And there are some methods that are not only cleaner, but have zero fuel cost to run. The funny part here is the science behind solar, wind, and geothermal has been all tested. The science behind Direct Action has not.
So there you have it. Your money is being given to companies who make billions in profit based on science that has not been tried or tested. Should you be a little angry about the way the Abbott govt is spending tax payer money? You better you better you bet.


A. Ghebranious November 2014


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