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CSI: Tony Abbott (A bloody oath of a journey)


Time to take the knife to Tony Abbott and get him sliced and placed under a magnifying glass! Who are you? Who! Who! Who! who!

Once this man who would give out free blow jobs to get elected told Australia that not everything he says is true. That there was a difference between what he says and what is written down.

What did he mean by this you wonder? Well as shown by Laurie Oakes in his new piece, Tony Abbott tends to break not one promise, but many.

In the lead up to 2004 election Tony Abbott as the then Health Minister, gave to all Australian’s a ‘rock-solid iron-clad commitment’ to the Medicare Safety Net. Even then, you could see his penchant for three worded slogans even when he wasn’t only using three words.

And even then you know he was lying through his teeth. On being elected in 2004, Abbott’s ‘rock-solid iron-clad commitment’ disappeared back into the dark crevice it originally came from.

“Obviously, when circumstances change, governments do change their opinions, and that is actually the responsible course of action.”

This is the same man who has been trying to cause the country to hate the Prime Minister because circumstances had changed and a hung parliament was elected.

Abbott will now have you think you should despise the PM because she broke her promise. But this is what he expects people to do when HE breaks a promise

I can certainly understand the dismay of some electors,” Abbott told me in an interview at the time. But he added that a politician could have a mind change after an election “when you have time to reflect and consider these things“.

It seems Abbott thinks that he should be judged differently than the way he wants people to judge the prime minister even though they did exactly the same thing.

The Medicare Safety Net was designed to help those who could not afford medicine. What Tony Abbott effectively did was tell these people that they can only be sick to a limit of $500 a year in bills. After that, they should be apparently paying for their own health bills with that money that they did not have and hence the need for the safety net in the first place.

Did people die? Oh without a doubt. Where people forced to endure illness without the hope of being able to afford medicine? No doubt. Did Tony Abbott even care? I mean he was the Health Minister right? Did he care about the health of Australians?

The irony is in Abbott’s response where he calls Bernie Banton getting out of a sick bed as a ‘stunt’, yet he has the time to stand in front of offensive signs and talk to what he labelled as ‘real’ Australians because Banton was not a real person I assume.

And now Abbott is claiming he has signed a blood pledge on the issue of Carbon Pricing. Well there are two issues here Abbott. Issue one is show us the pledge. I want to see it written down. I want to analysis the blood you used to ink it with. You told me not to believe you until I see it written down, so where is this pledge Tony? Is it in another ministers’ wallet aka the Costello-Howard agreement?

And now issue two. You have the gall to call for a blood pledge. You who’s actions in 2004 lead the to death of hundreds of Australians. You who cut short the lives of peoples fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, uncles, and aunts. You who extracted loved ones out of people’s lives with the callous flick of your rock-solid iron-clad commitment.

Well Tony.

Here is my blood pledge to you arsehole.

For those who lost loved ones, this is my blood pledge to you. You owe them the lives you took. I intend to see it extracted out of your political hide.

You have my ‘rock-solid iron-clad commitment’ you toad. You want blood? Let there be blood.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Geoff permalink

    I wonder when the penny will drop. When will Labor understand Abbott has outsmarted them at every turn since he replaced Turnbull. Gillard’s “long game” theory, that we will all forgive and forget her and the Independants betrayal of the electorate, ………..hmmmmm.
    Can I get some bets on the opposite outcome?

  2. Geoff permalink

    Daniel Dale Lewis is Abbott …. is Gillard the shyster evangelist? Loved the movie.
    DDL was even better in Gangs of New York. Another great movie.
    Ash, not sure of the relevance of your clip to disfunctional Labor politics.

  3. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me well Ash Tony Abbot is the big fool

  4. Pip permalink

    Abbott actually accused the dying Bernie Banton of not being “pure of heart”.

    His vocab., is littered with pompous, holier than thou phrases, and he doesn’t realise how arogant he sounds.

  5. Pip permalink

    Geoff. For your information.
    There was no betrayal. There’s an ongoing media blitz about the “lie”, but
    it is not true.
    When the PM said there would be no carbon tax under a government she led she had been discussing the carbon PRICE and an ETS.
    Of course the media minions have picked ther hook line and have done it to death, but it’s still working for the lying Abbott.

    The PM said clearly before the election that she wanted to put a price on carbon and then have a CPRS, which has now become the ETS.
    The Speech is on the PM’s website.

    Speech: Julia Gillard, “Moving forward together on Climate Change”
    Julia Gillard posted Friday, 23 July 2010–julia-gillard,–moving-forward-together-on/

    I’m sure you would be a fan of The Australian so you probably read these two gentlemen.

    Julia Gillard’s carbon price promise
    by: Paul Kelly and Dennis Shanahan From: The Australian August 20, 2010 12:00AM

  6. Geoff permalink

    When do you think Gillard will go down PiP Ash?
    I am putting my money on Crean. Safe pair of hands. Can likely save some of the furniture. The big plus is he is not Gillard or Rudd and has never spouted the Carbon Dioxide Tax Mantra.

  7. Geoff permalink

    Both Rudd and Gillard have different speech styles. When Gillard speaks I just want to leave the ro. When Rudd speaks I just want to slap him. Abbots appeal is his short one liners. It broke me up when he was asked about the uplink bill for cigarettes for asylum seekers. His comment. Stop the boats…stop the smokes.

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