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Standing On The Outside Looking In


Poor Joe. He was not allowed to attend the tax forum.

His Furher had made it verboten! In fact the coalition have been deriding the idea of the tax summit for months. Abbott has been telling any cameraman and their microphone holder all about how it would be a waste of time and not worth attending.

So much so, that when it started this week, Abbott made the claim he was not invited. Not invited Tony? All you had to do was make a submission. Even the Red Cross managed to do that. But Abbott was not deterred! Having decided to not attend, the coalition instead came out with their OWN version of the Tax Forum or, as I like to call it, ‘Weekend At Tony’s’.

Don’t you just love the look or orgasmic gush Julie Bishop is giving her man?

Anyway, the coalition came out this week with their own version on saving the universe. The coalition seem to be obsessed with plans that have points in them. You got the 10 point native title plan. Hockey’s god knows how many point bank reform reform (by the way, what ever happened to that Joe?). And now your got this little gem from Tony Abbott.

Here’s the Coalition’s six point plan:

first, encourage more people into the workforce;

second, make public institutions more effective and responsive;

third, cut red tape;

fourth, improve competition rules;

fifth, get greater value from infrastructure spending; and

sixth, reform workplace relations to encourage higher pay for better work.

Ah! It’s all so simple! Can you now help us rid the world of all known diseases? What about how to play the flute?

Meanwhile, the tag team coalition economic management team also had Andrew Robb coming out and stroking Joe Hockey’s levers again. Apparently Robb had been watching a Coles advertisment whilst watching the Prime Minister on Junior Masterchef and he got a BRILLIANT! idea about interest rates.

Stuff a free economy! Lets set interest rates! The Chinese do it! Hell! Lets get rid of the Reserve Bank and install Andrew Robb as interest rate maker!

So how did the tax forum go? Well, I ain’t no economist. But of what I saw and heard and watched, it was like this beautiful ‘Festival of Dangerous Ideas’ on the economy.

Personally I loved it! You got to see and hear ideas from all areas of the community from big business to small. From Entrepreneur’s to Not for Profit groups. From those with sight and those without. It was truly a lovely meeting of minds and purposes.

And you could tell from the way Joe Hockey held his pressers, he was damn pissed off to not be there. He must have been glad that the forum was live streamed. No doubt he watched every minute. No doubt he was dying to don a hajab and get in there.

Instead, like the other lay people that watched this meeting of ideas, he had to be happy standing on the outside looking in.

A. Ghebranious  2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    OH Boy Ash good luck American Tax codes are for CPAs and other accountants who know how to read them common folks heck no.

  2. Catching up permalink

    “Don’t you just love the look or orgasmic gush Julie Bishop is giving her man?”:

    What is sickening, this is the look she has given to every male she has served under.

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