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Intolerance is the way!


Photo care of Anthony Albanese: Protesters outside his office


Suddenly explains why some people voted for Tony Abbott.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Stolen)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Sorry the right to free speech trumps common sense at times

  2. Catching up permalink

    The signs are one hundred correct. there is no tolerance whatever today in Australian society.

    It is all our way or else.

    I wonder how many come to the conclusion that only they know best.

    The sad thing that most of the people outside Mr. Albanese office have very little to fear from this government. The opposite is true.
    Do they really think that it is OK to portray the PM as a dog.

    Have these people taken the time to analyse what Mr. Abbtt has to offer them.

  3. I second that!

  4. Mr. Eyesore permalink

    That sign was a plug for a website:

    Executive summary: more of the same us-versus-them right-wing squawking points. And they’ll sell you a car sticker, too!

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