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Mountain, meet molehill.


As Sunday comes closer, it seems some media outlets are preparing themselves for eating crow.

In yet another amazing ‘exclusive’, THE AUSTRALIAN, have concluded that the removal of petrol from the equation now reduces the 1000 top polluters to only 500.

They no doubt claim, like Tony Abbott is, that petrol was only removed recently. Yet I am pretty sure that Greg Combet came out pretty quickly to counter the petrol will eat your children claims, but being hampered re the at that time the still in negotiations plan. But he did come out. And it was well after that the government and the independents and the greens kept saying 1000.

Which lets me to believe that the numbers bandied about by THE AUSTRALIAN is more of the attempt to throw mud in the air. Some attempt to say that this will cost more or some such.

The one piece of REAL information is again an embedded gem thrown nonchalantly into the piece as an after thought.

Government sources said last night about 10 per cent of the Australian workforce was employed in companies that account for about 90 per cent of emissions. “This is good news for the vast majority of businesses who will not be liable under the carbon price and will have no obligations,” the source said. “Therefore less than 0.02 per cent of businesses in Australia will actually be liable under the carbon price.”

Yes! That’s right. The entire front face of those in line for a direct emissions cost comes to a whole 0.02% of businesses in Australia.

That’s it. Yet it is OBVIOUS that this extraordinary small percentage of business makes up for a very large slice of clout. Coincidently, these businesses are own by billionaires.

I do feel sorry for THE AUSTRALIAN as the releasing of the carbon plan will no doubt mean the reducing of the staff they had dedicated to the over throw of the plan. Still, think of all that fiction talent exposed to a hungry Harry Potter free world.

As we get to Sunday, I feel there will be a lot of mountains that will need to be down graded to molehills.

A. Ghebranious   2011 (All Rights Reserved)

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  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Way to go Ash

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