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The effects of the shit happens incident are still ongoing. A news station has been accused of editing footage. Bobble head manufacturers are falling over themselves to get the first Tony in shops. And the coalition road train is rolling attempting to make shit happens a part of the Anzac tradition.

Many observers have declared that Seven must have ambushed Tony. Then Seven released further details.

1) Riley had briefed Tony Abbott’s office at 2.30pm that afternoon.

2) Staffer took Riley and crew to courtyard for said interview at 5pm

3) Tony Abbott walked to the interview at 5.30pm being of sound mind and body.  The problem was sometime later and on camera it appeared he was not of sound mind and body.

So the call is Tony got angry at an implication made by Riley.  The talk is he dignified himself with self control. Apparently self control now means trembling while trying to start a fight.

I do not for one minute believe Tony was ambushed. But I believe he was ill informed. Since the leaving of his former PR secretary, Abbott’s office has had a few albeit small spot fires. The email thing should have been stopped in it tracks as quickly as possible. It remained in the public limelight till Joe Hockey stepped in to shut it down.

Even the question posed to Abbott by Riley was such a laughable attempt at implicating Tony and it should have ended in that courtyard. Tony is a smart and veteran politician and he has handled far worse interviews in his career.

Now the same papers and blogs that defended Tony and called for the lynching of Mark Riley for his smear laced journalism began to pose the question  did Gillard fake tears?

Some posed that Julia Gillard had faked the entire speech as a reaction to the Four Corners episode or as a result of David Williamson calling her a poor actor or a combination of both.

But the sheer hypocrisy of this tact is epic as they say in the twitter sphere.

On the one hand, these people accuse Seven and Mark Riley from trying to link the death of a soldier to a statement made by Mr Abbott and severely attacking the reporter and praising the opposition leader.

And in exactly almost the same breath, they allege that the story of those that died and the family of those people that the PM sat an talked down with consistently will in the disaster areas some how had no effect on her as she is somehow not human. Disgusting. It is a wonder that none of these champions of opinions did not opine that the rage shown by Mr Abbott was faked and deliberately so so he can use the ‘don’t attack a death of a soldier’  argument to save his own political hide.

No one has of course. But yet they challenged how real the tears of the PM were. One radio station even hired a psychologist to argue that Gillard was obviously faking it. The sheer and utter appalling gutter journalism they accuse Mark Riley of, they wallow in.

I’m neither going to accuse Abbott of faking his rage or Gillard of faking her tears. Both are human and as a result both capable of a sea of emotions.

The idea that some people are immune to emotions because they have not had children may have been posed by Mark ‘madman’ Latham and soundly attacked, but yet they all seem to agree with his findings.

A. Ghebranious   2011   (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Pip permalink

    Journalism no longer exists in the Murdoch empire and in it’s place is a great big cess pit.

  2. Matt Ross permalink

    “being of sound mind and body” I see that there is a huge huge gate to messure this “being of sound mind and body” now a day everything is in, but why cant we just call a crazy cat “dangerous” now a days instead of saying the cat is bi polar, or he forgot his pills, or his mother died and u have to go easy on him. Please explain what is being of sound mind and body is it a normal reaction to a very difffcult issue or are we aloud to say that cats fucking nuts aww come on please can we.

  3. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Well That’s Life and signs of things of late UGH!

  4. Catching up permalink

    Can some one please explain to me why being shown a video of what you said and being asked to explain what you mean is so bad? Surely a man of Mr. Abbott’s experience should have no problem in giving an explanation.
    This man then rushes off to the widow, who should not have been involved to put out a press notice supporting him.
    All Mr. Abbott manage to show how little skills he has to do the job he so desires.

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