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From kisses to right in the kisser (A Melbourne Cup political tribute)


This next little grab of conversations between two MP’s at the time seems a lot more civil. That is because at the time they were only MP’s and neither was talking about being PM’s.

Remember the days when it was all about lollipops and best attributes? (some rediting)

You nervous Tony?

And even back in 2007, Tony had a problem with things that came out of his mouth before his minders could get him to stop.

Even back then it was always a no contest between these two. Note that climate change was a problem in 2007 and so was Peter Garrett! But also even then Malcolm Turnbull had his enemies in his own party.

That’s why the election outcome was a unique one. It should not have been that close. But there were circumstances that made it so. Tony got out of the blocks early when he took leadership of his party, whereas Julia came in after a very late scratching.

Julia had to carry extra weight too! Climate change, mining tax, and of course Garrett yet again.

And at the finishing post? Despite Tony Abbott using a Ben Lexcen keel design for his ears.

Illustration: Rocco Fazzari

But in the end,  it was Julia Gillard. By a nose.

Illustration: Warren Brown

Now for a couple of races in the future. Essential Polling came up with this.

Q. Which of the following do you think would be the best person to lead the Liberal Party at the next election?

Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens
Tony Abbott 23% 5% 50% 5%
Malcolm Turnbull 22% 27% 19% 39%
Joe Hockey 14% 15% 15% 12%
Julie Bishop 6% 9% 5% 7%
Andrew Robb 1% 1% 1%
Someone else 15% 22% 3% 18%
Don’t know 19% 21% 7% 19%

23% think Tony Abbott would be the best person to lead the Liberal Party at the next election, 22% prefer Malcolm Turnbull and 14% Joe Hockey.

Among Coalition voters, 50% prefer Tony Abbott, 19% Malcolm Turnbull and 15% Joe Hockey.

Tony Abbott is preferred over Malcolm Turnbull by those aged under 45 22% to 19% but the over 45’s prefer Malcolm Turnbull over Tony Abbott 27% to 25%.

A similar question (although not exactly the same) asked in September showed Tony Abbott with a 26% to 20% lead over Malcolm Turnbull overall and 53% to 15% among Coalition voters. Joe Hockey’s support was 15% in total and 17% among Liberal voters.


There was no poll in regards to the ALP leadership.  Oh well. Meanwhile it seems some of the liberals are  jockeying (and Joe Hockeying) for a place on the saddle. If I was Julie Bishop, I would be worried big time that the only person that is beneath her on the list is Andrew Robb. Mind you she should also be concerned that she is trailing ‘Someone else’ and ‘Don’t know’ .

Worse for her is of the people who vote LIB/NAT, only 5% think she is leadership material. Whatever leadership material is of course. Tony has stalwart coalition voter support, but trails terribly in the greens support. And amazingly Malcom’s all up support comes not only from LIB/NAT voters, but from Labor voters and Greens voters. Tony has 60% support (50% from the L-NP) and Malcolm has 85%!!!!

And….. the horses are on the track!!!

A. Ghebranious    2010               All Rights Reserved

  1. MarionGroves permalink

    Great presentation Ash, which I really enjoyed. You should be doing this stuff professionally. The only comment that rankled was the entirely unnecessary reference to Julia’s hair – aren’t we over the criticisms of her hair, her suits, her airbrushing, her handbag and her partner?

    • I do agree. But really some of those hairdo’s were shocking. Especially the ones that Bromlyn Bishop has recently adopted. She looks heaps better when its simple and makes people notice what she has to say more than these little distractions.

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