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Ashraf’s Friday Mid Winter Rant!




Another one of those ranty things.

Ashraf’s Friday Rant – May 12/2017 (budgets and love sweet love)

April 21/2017 – Ashraf’s Friday Rant!!

Ashraf’s Friday Rant

Okay.  Warning here. I had the telly on with the sound down during this to catch the aftermath of the US bombing of the airport so this wasnt the most focused of podcasts. But I ranted. So feel free to listen.


Episode 4 – Ashraf’s rant

All kinds of topics from the history of filibustering, to racial discrimination laws, to tax cuts, to child care, to Trump and being trumped

Episode 3 – (Its like the star wars movies)!!

You can catch my podcast on magic, sleight of hand, illusion and politics here