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Abbott’s uses the trap he helped trigger with his trap.


Tony sure loves his mouth. And why not. By opening it and saying bullshit, he has managed to get the thing he always dreamed of. Absolute power.
One of the most devastating attacks Abbott launched on the ALP was the removal of a first term prime minister. He had a field day with it and he was ably assisted by the man who was removed and his posse. So much so, to shut him up, he was given the job back. But the damage was done. Abbott had managed to delude the public into believing the public chose the prime minister of the day, rather than a vote by the sitting members in a parliament.
At the time Abbott was launching his trap for the Liberal and National Party, I warned that they are going down a path that will mean trouble. And trouble began to launch its head.
In a leak on the weekend, we discovered that Tony liked power more than anything else, including democracy. Or the advice of his colleagues. We discover that Hockey and Dutton bitterly argued AGAINST the $20 increase to medicare by stealth. They urged him to take it to senate, even if they lose that vote. They advised him that a $20 increase will lead to more attendance to already emergency clinics in hospitals. They advised that it would be insane to go down this path with Queensland and New South Wales facing state elections.
So what did Abbott do? The insane thing of course. He overrode the advice of the treasurer of the day and the health minister of the day and inserted his own suppository of wisdom into the policy. Not only that, this was not based on any advise he was given from the Department of Health and Finance. Oh no. The figures we are told came out of his office and were sent to the departments to cost. Tony had shown his hand to his coalition. He was not prime minister. He is Supreme Leader. And there was nothing his own party could do about it.
You see, if his party do anything about it, then they become a party who ousted a first term prime minister. He considers himself untouchable. Especially in a year with of Queensland and a NSW state elections. Any move against Abbott, will no doubt hurt both those elections. Not to mention destroy any credibility the coalition have left. After rattling off the bullshit about faceless men and knifings for so long, the coalition disabled their power to be actual representatives of the people. They cant vote for what they believe in. They have no choice but to vote for whatever Tony tells them to. And the longer they do so, the further the ropes they have entrapped themselves with tighten even further. They are now just collecting a paycheck. They do not act in the best interests of their electorate. Because they cant. Now thats what I call trouble.
What I find stunning is the capitulation of the coalition. The fear of being called hypocrites is so strong, they sit back and watch the country go into dictatorship. The great responsibility given to them by the Australian people has been surrendered to one man, and they did the surrendering and they are too scared to do anything about it. The coalition like to call it self a broad church. A family of sisters and brothers.
I guess that makes Tony Big Brother then.



A. Ghebranious January 2015

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  1. Tweed permalink

    Ash. Are you on drugs or just hitting the goon too early in the morning? Tony is a team player and the Coalition is a far cry from the drongo “governments” (if we could call Gillard and Rudd government.)
    The big difference with Tony is he continues to strive to get a minority Senate to pass his legislative program. In stark contrast to the Gillard bed over for the Greens policies.
    What ever side of the political fence you sit, the intent is to rein in the obscene overspending and waste by Swan Gillard and Rudd. We all understand expenditure of taxpayers funds entails choice. We cant buy everything we may want individually….same with federal and state governments. The Gillard and Rudd era was an unsustainable spendathon.
    Tony and Can Do, as well as NSW have had the onerous task of repairing budgets inherited from Labor. Nobody would dispute that. I personally thought the $20 fee was a clumsy way to go. There has to be savings and efficiencies in all sections of the budget and it is happening.
    I think you will see both NSW and QLD elections see Baird and Can Do swan back into power. Should Can Do lose his seat then it would be unfortunate collateral damage. It would be foolish to read anymore into it. It will be the same with Tony. People respect a job well done. That and looking at the alternative? Shorten and some of the vandals from the Rudd Gillard era are still sitting in Parliament. I mean Pleeeze… Swan, Conroy, Plibersek, Bowen. Jason Clare and Kate Ellis the Sports debacle..Give me a break.
    BTW great to be back on terra firma.

    • Sorry. But there has been talk of PMO pulling on the reins for a while now. And yes, Hockey was rolled on Graincorp and that was in cabinet. But this was not a cabinet decision. It was Hockey, Dutton and Abbott and Abbott not only decided to go his own way against advice, he had already worked out figures that he asked Dept of finance to cost. Not to check. Not to give him figures. But just to take out the calculator and cost.

      Team player you say? Looks only like Team Abbott to me.

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