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Tricks and treats.


Who said Halloween was only something they do in the USA and in Europe? It seems the coalition are a collection of monster mashers.
Tony Abbott started the day with a trick and a treat. Abbott actually lectured people on sexism. The trick was he was trying to defend his chief of staff. Even though in the same interview he agreed that his chief of staff was only doing what he was telling them to do; he claimed that the reason his own party was mad at the decisions he was making and his chief of staff implementing, was because of sexism. The trick there is he totally disputed sexism was an issue when he attacked Julia Gillard with comments like ‘someone should make an honest woman out of you’ or ‘Julia, no means no’ or the signs he appeared in front of not once, but at several rallies where he called for people to overthrow the government of the day via revolution. The treat there is now he wants people to settle down and not try and be obstructive. Funny huh?
This was shortly followed by another round of trick and treat. Kevin Andrews appeared on television to announce that he is implementing a set of new rules that he will impose on the disabled. Rules that will make the disabled jump through hoops. No longer will it be sufficient for them to be assessed by their family doctor. Instead, they will have to travel to government appointed doctors who will do the ‘assessing’. This ‘gift’ from the government was announced after the Senate had finished sitting and starts from January the 1st. Thats less than three weeks worth of notice. What a treat huh? But the real treat came when his announcement was lost in a series of questions about sexism and Abbott’s chief of staff.
And finally, on the same day the coalition laid the whip into the disabled, Joe Hockey announced that 2015 will see a tax cut for business. What a treat huh? What a government for the people? They just spent MONTHS telling us that we are in debt to our eyeballs. That everyone must pull their weight. That copayments are necessary. That uni fees have to be bigger. That the burden must by paid by the people. That the cupboard is bare. So bare is the cupboard, that business will get a christmas present and a disabled person will be treated like they are a burden on the economy. Treats. And tricks.
Let’s ignore the fact that a tax cut will mean less revenue for government coffers and this will no doubt lead to another series of cuts and kicking the marginalised in the balls. The coalition are back attacking leaners and handing out lollies to those they call lifters. Australians are better than this. We deserve better. We need better. The coalition are in the business of good enough. Aspiration for them is reminiscing about the past. The future is like climate change for them: crap. Abbott had even called the future the never never and at the G20 he said he is not interested in what happens in 15 years time. This is the man that is leading the country people. His vision is limited to elections.
Halloween is the time that goblins and ghosts come out to haunt and scare and go bump in the night. But it appears the trick played on the Australian people by Murdoch’s minions has given us a very special treat. Three full years of hauntings from this coalition government who will happily step on the throat of someone in a wheelchair while bearing gifts for those who helped bank roll them in power.
I don’t know about you. But this is much too spooky for me.


A. Ghebranious December 2014

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