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I am so mad, I am going to use the word ‘fuck’ in this post.


SmugnessAbbottA smug looking Abbott thinking he has been clever by half. More like a halfwit.( Photo by Andrew Ellinghausen)

Abbott’s new medicare plan, is just like the old one.
Abbott’s plan is to still cut health by 3.5bn instead of 3.6bn (he uses the word savings, but its really a cut). The major message from Abbott’s plan to doctors is to stop seeing poor people as you will get a $5 cut to your pay every time you do. Any doctor who’s practice deals with the lower socioeconomic communities are being told you are wasting you time. Especially now since they are INCREASING the time you have to spend on a patient to RECEIVE monies. Think about that for a minute. Or 20 minutes. If a doctor was seeing 4-5 patients an hour, its now going to be 3-4. Thats less patients per day. Less patients per day means the govt pay the doctor less money. No longer will the focus be on health so much as time and costs.
Abbott continues to spruik a medical research fund. He claims that medical research has lead to longer life and thats a good thing. Which is at odds with why they are doing what they are doing to medicare in the first place!!!
You see, the claim Abbott, Dutton and Hockey have made is medicare is unsustainable because people are living longer! So, investing in a medical research fund to help people live even longer is what I call an interesting policy.
And you can tell that Hockey has been working on the figures. A $7 copayment was supposed to save the coalition $3.6 bn. A $5 copayment (5/7ths of original cost) will apparently save (wait for it) $3.5bn. The ONLY way that this is possible is if doctors see less patients on top of the money that is being cut from their pay. And the coalition need to cut doctors pay cause a steak can cost up to $90 these days. Ask David Johnston.
Which leads me to my second point of anger (<—— click link). Abbott has reportedly refused to reveal travel expenses for his ministers claiming (and get this) it will affect them poorly internationally. HAHAHAHAHAHA When the costs of ministers paid for by tax payers is something that affects international standing before it affects domestic standing, well that piece of spin amuses me greatly.
You are probably scouring the post for ‘that’ word. Lily, take it away.


A. Ghebranious December 2015.

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