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Revolution Number 9


99.999%. That’s the probability given to man made climate change by the CSIRO. By the way, Don Bradman could only manage 99.99%.


So what you say. The coalition believe in that science stuff too. They have a plan! Really? And what was that plan again? Well one part was about paying polluters to do what they should have been doing without being paid. The other part involved this green army. This is not to be confused with operation sovereign borders, or operation where is Indonesia again?, or operation bring them home, or operation keep them over there, or operation border force, or operation border farce, or operation police at airports, or even operation airports at police.
The job of the green army was to plant trees! In fact Tony Jones asked Joe Hockey about this in 2011 (click to expand).
Ahh! West of Moree. That would be the Simpson desert right? You got to love Joe. Good old cigar huffing Joe.
So while Joe struggles with where west of Moree or east of Perth he will place the green army (not to be confused with those other armies); they have a slight technical problem. It seems they may have over estimated the amount of carbon they can deal with using carbon soil technologies. If you read the Australian, this is only a recent scientific discovery.
Or you may be a watcher of the ABC where it was pretty well understood three years earlier in 2011.
Back then Greg Hunt was questioned about his figures. He had claimed that his direct action plan would require 100 square kms of land. Turns out he the scientists reckoned he would need 500 square kilometers. Something to do with the soil not holding the carbon and microbes. Anyway, Hunt fobbed it off. Just like he fobbed off the reports that it would be unwise to go ahead with dredging at Abbott point. Nonsense said Greg! However,  the mining company themselves then rejected the dredging plan. Take that in. Greg Hunt, the so called environment minister, did not – the mining company did. He does not deserve a cent of taxpayer money as salary.
With Joe Hockey’s sense of geography and Greg Hunt’s understanding of science, this country, which used to be pretty, is now pretty fucked up.


A. Ghebranious, September 2014


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