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Einstein is reported to have said the greatest invention of man is compound interest. Einstein was my kind of comedian. But I think the point he is making is he is amazed at how all the little things add up.
Take this budget from the coalition. Its full of nasty little surprises. Its full of things that Abbott swore on a stack of bibles to never do, but not even raising a sweat as he did. But what happens when you add all these little nasty things. What do you get when you combine the coalitions attack on super, their attack on education, on heath, on pensions, and on young job seekers?
Well firstly it will mean a child being born into a health system where if their parents can afford it, get a bigger percentage of survival than one on the user pays govt system. The PPL will be in place. So expect businesses that are involved to be passing on the costs to their consumers (thats us). But it also means that for families with a working mother will get 6 months off work. So its good that there will be time for the mother and child to bond. But I doubt she will have any as she will be spending most of the 6 months trying to find a good childcare centre for when she returns to work.
No doubt she will have the luxury of travelling on the roads of the 21st century along with the increased traffic of large trucks as she navigates one child care centre to another. She may also want to scout schools for the newborn. She can scout them on the now over clogged with traffic excuse for a broadband system, or she can get back into that car she usually doesn’t drive much. The latter is probably faster, despite the lorries.
Schooling for the child will be based on a needs basis. If you need education, you better have the basis to pay for it. It will be a lottery. But if your child manages to get to the end of high school with out much scathing, here is where the fun really starts.
Under the earn or learn option, children who study will be laid with a debt as will those with a trade. Now this is in and of it self fine if you can complete your education and find a place in the workforce. But if training or learning is not for you, then you got to get earning as you are on your own for 6 months.
Now if you are lucky enough to have been born into a family that can pay off your student loan and thereby reduce your debt to zero, lucky you. If you cant, your debt starts accruing while you salary rate does not for a while. Now that maybe okay for some to set aside a few years to pay it off, but life happens and you may soon find yourself looking for a place with a partner and a kid of your own on the way. More debt on debt.
Doctor visits are copaymented. More and more co payments applied on services you thought you had already paid for with your taxes. For low income workers, its poverty city. Tax on super will exceed tax on wages. Fees on super will see what little you accrue be subject to unscrupulous financial planners. Longer gaps between visits to the doctor will lead to a detriment to over all life expectancy. On the other end, high income earners get a tax break. 0% tax. A reward for earning a lot of money.
And there is the problem when you reward a person for earning a lot of money. It means you are left with a lot of people that dont.

A.Ghebranious August 2014

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