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Asylum Seeker Trade Agreements



Forget Andrew Robb’s race to lock us into Free Trade Agreements! Keep your eye on Scott Morrison’s Asylum seeker Trade Agreements. Now we just don’t pay off countries who act as off shore repositories for asylum seekers;  we are now doing trade deals from countries to take back refugees. Including the countries they are running from. A gun boat or two here. A discount on Uranium there maybe? Who knows. It’s not like we are told details of the Free Trade Agreements, so why would they tell us?
And lets be serious people. Other countries know how much we don’t want Asylum Seekers here, so you can bet they will set the price accordingly. They will do the work we consider so dirty and they will benefit accordingly. Mean while, 157 Asylum Seekers are being moved to mainland Australia. And there is a reason for this. One the coalition are not wanting to mention. Detention centres on Nauru and Manus and even Christmas Island are for people who entered Australian waters without a visa by boat.
But these 157 human beings did not enter Australian waters without a visa by boat. They were escorted INTO Australian waters by the Australian govt. These people can not be told you can never reside in Australia, as they do not meet the criteria imposed on other humans deemed ‘illegals’. And according to Morrison, the entire processing of these individuals will not be conducted by the Australian govt and their officials, but the Indian government and their officials.
Do you get what that means Australia? No? We are now running an off shore detention centre for India in Australia! All because we refuse to consider doing processing onshore ourselves. We are now playing the role of PNG does on Manus for the Indian government.
Now THAT is what I call a swapsies.


A. Ghebranious July 2014

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