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A Hair Width


Hair’s width. That’s supposed to be the distance between a Foreign Minister and their Prime Minister. But there seems to be glitches in the Matrix.
Tony Abbott FINALLY got that phone call from Vladimir Putin. The one he said he had not been pushing for. But at 3am it happened. Not that anyone in Australia was told straight away. But they WERE told in Russia.


Mean while, Julie Bishop arrives in New York. While she confirmed a phone call was made, she went on to make a number of statements that seemed to have already been worked out according to the Russian press release.

Now I know what you are thinking. So am I. It’s the Russians. If Rambo can’t trust them, why should I? Well, as it turns out, Abbott has finally mentioned the phone call. He was clearly saving it to announce on radio. Apparently, Putin said all the right things. Yet Bishop acted like Putin had not said a thing at all. Maybe this was a deliberate brilliant diplomatic strategy. But there is a teeny weeny little problem. And you have to pardon the translation I put up as its a computer translation of Russian to English. Which means you get Renglish.


 Both sides stressed the importance to the completion of the investigation to avoid politicized statements in connection with the tragedy.


So you would think that a statement like “This is not a time to use bodies as hostages or pawns in a Ukrainian-Russian conflict,” which could be easily interpreted as politicised, could be a diplomatic error. Because its certainly not smart.
Of course, if Bishop’s office was NOT informed of the outcome of the Russian conversation, then it makes sense that Bishop is playing the hardline half cocked race to lynch someone, anyone tactic of her prime minister. But imagine how THIS will go down in Russia. The PM saying Putin said the right things and he will hold him to his word, and Bishop claiming the Russians are using bodies as hostages. This AFTER Putin and Abbott agreed to not politicise the matter.
And so we get an example of why there should be no greater distance than a hair’s width between a Prime Minister and their Foreign Minister, and a clear example of that not happening all in the same pie. The horrible thought in my mind and one I really do wish is NOT true, is the coalition are trying to use the disaster for a poll lift. They certainly did not get one in Neilson for the repeal of the Clean Energy Bills.
So I will go with sheer incompetence. Which fits in nicely with everything else they have been involved with since they got into office.





A. Ghebranious July 2014

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