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Stumblin in


Well. We went and done it. Our stumblin in love affair with coal and carbon emissions has answered the question ‘can viruses live after 30,000 years trapped in permafrost’.

30,000 year-old giant virus found in Siberia


March 4, 2014


Le Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)


A new type of giant virus called “Pithovirus” has been discovered in the frozen ground of extreme north-eastern Siberia. Buried underground, this giant virus, which is harmless to humans and animals, has survived being frozen for more than 30,000 years. Although its size and amphora shape are reminiscent of Pandoravirus, analysis of its genome and replication mechanism proves that Pithovirus is very different. This work brings to three the number of distinct families of giant viruses.

The article goes on to say that indeed a 30,000 year old virus can survive. It also goes on to report that this virus is a new type of virus. Oh joy! A 30,000 year old virus that functions differently than any virus we know of. Sure, harmless now. But gee I wonder what happens when it gets some dna matter from viruses of today? I wonder what our immune system who is not used to this mix of new and old viruses will do. And I wonder why oh why we continue to play this stupid game of coal is good that contributes to more emissions and maybe melts of viruses that are not harmless.
When do we finally realise the god damn truth? That although man’s share of CO2 emissions is 3% of the total emissions, on a time line of 300,000 years, we reached that 3% target in less than 100 years. Each year compounding on the other; each year ever increasing in output as more and more of us exist and more and more of us use more and more.
When do we finally realise the god damn truth? That the oceans are in crisis. That we have removed millions of forests full of millions of trees for the millions of car parks? That the planet is warming. That the oldest ice is melting. And that with each melt, we can help contribute to our speedy end long before the sunblock stops working. When do we realise the god damn truth that the science is REAL and the threat is real: not only to us as a species but to other species – to the very strands of that fragile web of life.
Its seems we dont. Instead we burn on and hope for divine intervention to clean up after ourselves. Instead, we return to the world a virus as old as the oldest peoples. To paraphrase ‘Bright Eyes’ – Well. We finally went and did it. We maniacs. We went and blown ourselves to hell. God damn you all.


A. Ghebranious June 2014

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