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GP whiz whiz.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I just did some preliminary figures on the coalition GP co payment. I am more prepared to have my maths questioned as the assumptions come directly from the coalition.
The coalition claim, and Joe Hockey repeated on QANDA that people visit the doctor 11 times a year. This is bullshit, but lets run with it.
There are 23 million Australians. 11 visits per year means the coalition are calculating that there are 253 MILLION GP visits per year. 253 million * $5 is 1.2 bn a year that will go to the Medical Research fund. Which matches their figure of around 20bn by 10 years.
There are 25,000 GPs. This means that each GP would be seeing on average 10,000 GP visits. Lets say each visit on average last 20 minutes. That will mean 3 visits an hour. At 10,000 GP visits, this comes to 3,300 hours of GP work. Lets say the average working week is 40 hours. Dividing 3,300 by 40 gives you 82.5 weeks per year.
There are only 52 weeks in a year. Well done Eleventy! Well done!



A. Ghebranious May 2014

  1. Yvette Moon permalink

    I don’t know why you insist on taking the piss out of anything the coalition does. As for the medical levy I do not agree with this either and I presume Joe Hockey knew he this is going to be blocked so he threw it in so some of the opposition will not pay close attention to some of the other items in the budget, I.e. The new retirement age (hahaha – I feel for the X and Y Generations).

    I have issue with your number crunching. The information is correct regarding the doctor visits, not saying that every individual sees the doctor once, but there are follow ups that must be done that would take very short times.

    As for the time the doctors would spend with a patient – the average time of a short visit is 7 – 10 minutes. There are also long visits that are considered a double visit. Given that the doctor, if he or she is a good one, will take the time needed for each patient they would fall behind – but they would still only note that appointment as a short visit.

    So your calculations are right, but your multiplication of 20 minutes is grossly misstated and the total hours per week would be halved to 41.25.

    Sounds pretty right to me! Again, I also disagree with this additional cost, BUT if you are going to go as far to call it Bullshit then I would think you should have your facts right!!

    • At 15 mins per patient, and this is a very much a rushed consultation, it works out to 62 weeks a year. Thats the full year, not including holidays or christmas or easter breaks.

      10 minutes would be rejected by the patients. Why? Because they want more than 10 mins if they are paying a copayment. At 10 mins, they get more contact with the person at the fast food drive through than they do with a doctor.

      • Heck even trying to fit in 6 patients an hour, the doctor will need two doors. One for people to come in at exactly the same time as the other patient leaves. If it goes to 11 mins a patient then that becomes 5 a hour. So go back to original numbers. 10,000 patient visits per doctor. 5 visits an hour or 2000 doctor hours. Divide by 40(hours per wee) and you get 50 hours a year. Take two weeks for annual leave and say another 2 weeks re chrissy and easter and you are 2 weeks short a year per doctor. Means states have to hire GPs from overseas to fill the gap.

      • Yvette Moon permalink

        Again you have not done your homework or listened to daily news on a regular basis. To ensure my information was correct I went looking for an answer. I would be open to say that I am wrong if that was the case, but knew I had heard these numbers on the news.

        I found an excerpt from the University of Western Australia which states….

        “Our staff aim to provide convenient, confidential and comprehensive medical care for students and staff of the University.

        1. Making an appointment

        Medical appointments are available with female and male doctors as well as nursing staff. Standard appointments are 10 minutes in length. If you have a number of problems or a complex problem that you wish to discuss you should request a long appointment slot or be prepared to return for a number of visits.”

        There are also very short appointments for renewing scripts or follow ups for medication or conditions. These are when the doctor and patient are both very familiar regarding the condition or illness. Unnecessary chatter wastes more time than not.

        So I stand at my original calculation and again think that it would be better to research your information before writing a blog that MIGHT insight anger.

      • Yep. Understand this. Also understand that when people are asked to pay, they will want longer than 10 minutes for their money. Also 10 minute consultation does not mean turn over. You may be with doctor for 10 mins. They may then spend 5 minutes AFTER updating your records. They then go out to call the new patient. You wont get 6 patients an hour. Doctor may see 4 patients. 40 mins for them, 15 for paperwork. 5minutes for a break.

        Joe’s numbers are a bit dodgy to me.

  2. Yvette Moon permalink

    You can’t even admit when you are wrong – now you are trying to tell me that the doctor not only sees the patients but also keeps hard copy records as well as admitting and book any further appointments. I will remind you this is the computer age.

    Give it up and move in you have lost this one. I would also suggest you change your doctor and find out how their office system is run.

    Your entire argument, no matter how wrong you were, is due to the fact that you don’t like the Liberal party. The only thing you had to pick on was the doctor levy tells me that Joe’s numbers are pretty darn good. Why not give them a go before you comment on how you think they didn’t work. We need to get rid of the deficit!

    Also if you think his numbers are dodgy then maybe you should front up and tell them you could do a better job.

    But please in future check your facts.

    • Oh for petes sake. Lets take the 10 minute GP visit. Do you think the 10 minutes starts from the time they walk through the door? Or when they sit down? Do they run into the new patient on the way out? Cause if not your are losing valuable seconds.

      How long does it take for a visit? lets see. Patient walks in. Pleasantries exchanges (30sec). The patient reports aliment (30sec- 2 mins?). Doctor asks questions and patients answers (2 mins?) Checks blood pressure 1 min? Stethoscope maybe 15 seconds. Looking at patient history? 20 seconds maybe? Diagnosis? 1-3 mins. Communicate result to patient 1 mins. Prescribe medicines 1 min. Say good bye 15 sec.

      Now you got a break between patients where you update the patients files. Then you go out and get the new patient. How are you going to pop out 6 of those hour after hour for 8 hour straight with no lunch, or break?

      Check YOUR facts

      • Yvette Moon permalink

        Keep digging. Refer back to the above link. I am through dealing with a moron.

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