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Because Abbott asked.


The other day, Abbott asked “Can you think of a government program that led to deaths?”. I am sure he wasn’t really wanting an answer. But since he asked…

World War one. World War Two. Sydney Harbor Bridge. Snowy Hydro scheme. About every rail line. Vietnam. Iraq. Afghanistan. A shit load of the highways, such as the Great Ocean Road.
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Stolen Generations. Deaths in Custody. Loads of buildings, including that thing in the middle of Canberra called Parliament House. Voyager. And just recently, Manus Island. Not to mention the deaths of endangered animals and the destruction of native forests and of course the great barrier reef. And lets not talk about the billions that will die if we don’t do something about climate change which Tony reckons is crap.

Tony needs to watch more Monty Python.



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  1. Fed up permalink

    Yes, not addressing carbon emissions has and will bring more deaths.

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