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Are you furious yet?


Well are you? The coalition have robbed low income workers of their super, robbed your grandchildren of the planet and now want to rob your children of an education. They may as well be riding your daughters pony. They are stealing your dreams. Time to steal them back.

In 2010, it was Tony Abbott that called the then Prime Minister, Julia Gillard a liar. He said she lied to win an election. He called it a shameful use of the Australian people. He disregarded the fact that a hung parliament had occurred. He mislead the nation about the requirements to form government in 2010 – pricing carbon. He called her decision to do so outrageous despite the fact that he battled right alongside her for 17 days trying to win the favour of the Independents and offering to them a price on carbon.

For three years he hurled expletives at Gillard. He abused her in and outside of parliament. Something to remember on White Ribbon day. He used public monies to cross the nation talking about the ‘lie’. He even travelled to Indonesia after his election win to demean her in another country. This would be the same country that has recently downgraded their relationship with Australia because Abbott failed to actually respect the Indonesian President.

Yes, the spying that occurred happened under the ALP govt. Well guess what? Gallipoli happened under a completely different government and yet this does not stop him from celebrating the event. You got to take the good with the bad. The spying incident happened in the name of the country. Yet he blames a political party. In the 7.30 interview with Leigh Sales he decried that he can not confirm or deny matters of national security. And then he pointed out it happened under the previous government anyway – effectively confirming the incident did occur.

But that is not the issue with the breakdown of the relationship with Indonesia. The breakdown happened because he FAILED to pick up the phone on the day the spying incident appeared in the press. On that day, he could have called the Indonesian President and had a confidential conversation with him then and there. The entire matter would have fell into obscurity if he had. Instead he sent in his dogs.

His head election advisor took to social media and denigrated the Indonesian President for reacting on social media. He then denigrated the Indonesian Foreign Minister as well. This was adopted by the right wing opinionators. On the radio, these fools bleated that Indonesia was corrupt anyway. That we give them foreign aid and should cut it. That everyone spies and Indonesia should get over it.

Abbott chose to make comments in our parliament, but never did he talk to the Indonesian President personally. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying he should apologise. I am saying he should have called and talked to him. Instead, he allowed it to exacerbate till the Indonesian President took action. He disrespected the man.

Today, Barry O’Farrell was decisively angry. When asked if the Abbott government had discussed their changes to Gonski with the NSW government, he replied that the only things he has heard or seen was what was in the press. He said he had written to Abbott yesterday and was yet to get a response. Now Barry knows what it feels like to be an Indonesian President. I wonder if Abbott will send his response, if he sends one that is, by a retired army general.

And lets bell the cat here. Abbott, on the eve of an election, lied about what he intended to do with Gonski. He did so because he knew if he told the truth, he would lose the 2013 election on that issue alone. So he lied. There is no hung parliament. He can not say circumstances changed. What he did was lie. The very thing he accused Gillard of doing for three years.

Time to give Phony Abbott and Chris Pynocchio a taste of their own medicine. Time to repeal these clowns. Time to turn back the joke(r)s. It’s time to give the coalition that people’s revolt they were talking about.



A. Ghebranious (November 2013)

One Comment
  1. G’day Ash. I’m past being furious, now i’m just disappointed that so many otherwise intelligent people believed the libs bs.

    Phony Abbot and his minders played the Australian voters for fools, which they proved to be by believing the superficial crap that was being offered up. Mind you the election propaganda started about 3 years earlier when Phony felt cheated out of ‘his’ election win. That’s a lot of brainwashing time.

    I can only imagine how much training Abbott must have had to keep a straight face while speaking out to the masses with his serious (ahem) face on, mind you the dimwit might have actually believed it himself.

    Oh well it’s just another election cycle, but this one’s got a clown riding it.

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