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Why Joe Hockey should not have sacked me.


Everald Compton

As we face an ageing tsunami, Treasurer Joe Hockey has sacked the Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing (and me as its chairman), declaring it to be irrelevant without stating why this is so. Shortly before that, Prime Minister Tony Abbott decided not to have a minister for ageing, downgrading the importance of millions of seniors in the life of the nation.

The sole reason for the dismissal of the panel, as conveyed to me privately by Coalition MPs, is that it was established by former treasurer Wayne Swan and it has been decided that every vestige of Swan’s term as treasurer must be obliterated. Such is the waste that politics represents in our national life.

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  1. As an older Australian I am absolutely dumbfounded as to what Hockey, TA & this new government think that they are doing. All older people who voted for this incompetent mob will now be subjected to going back to a life that was pretty ‘poor’ under the last Liberal government. At least Wayne Swan had us older folks welfare at heart.
    This new government must be held to account. Bring on a DD anytime soon please.

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