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An Interesting Graph (Yeah I know. Everyone says that)


This is a most interesting graph. More interestingly, I found it on Wikipedia!
It is interesting on several issues. The first is there is a lot of ALP govts. The second is the early governments when federation was first formed. And the third is the reaction to world events. The rise of the Nationalist party during and after WWI. The reaction to the great depression. The red menace post WWII. The reaction to the Vietnam war. And most recently, the reaction to the 9/11.
Now here is the funny thing people. If you ask around, Australia is a bloody good place to be. And a lot of that time, there was a lot of ALP governments. Just something to think over.
It’s also interesting that Pyne is concerned that there is a lot more talk about ALP ‘stuff’ in history. Probably because they had more time doing ‘stuff’ Chris.
But the really interesting part is I found it on Wikipedia. And not in a newspaper. Or television. Or even talked about on the radio.


A.Ghebranious October 2013

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