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So where IS the money coming from?




The coalition told us we have a budget emergency. They said the Labor Party has spent billions. They attacked them for spending money at schools and for rolling out a infrastructure drive that included road, rail, electricity grids, and of course the NBN.

Yesterday Abbott made the claim that it was the ALP and in particular Rudd who had turned the original $4.3bn broadband project into $40 bn. This was two months after Abbott released his much inferior broadband package that connects to 75% less premises and in a streamed interview, Malcolm revealed the coalition upload speed is a paltry 4-6mbps (Malcolm discusses it in this video at the 30 min 50 second mark).



As you can see, Malcolm finally admits the coalition 25mbps download is what sets the upload speed. I was disappointed that no one asked Malcolm about electricity and energy. You see to get speeds of 25mbps on copper, you need to thrust electricity down that copper. So how much electricity? Well as it turns out two or three power stations worth



Now lets be serious here. As the internet and the digital age becomes more important and as the opportunity to act as data cloud centres in Australia for the Northern Hemisphere increase, we will also see power consumption for data centres rise.

And yesterday the coalition announced a buy boat scheme. This is the same people who thought insulating houses and helping them reduce their energy costs was a bad idea. These are the same people that derided Gillard’s new cars for old rebate. The same people that say they are fiscally responsible.

Yet here we are, with two weeks to an election, and the coalition spendathon has hit the $61 billion mark. The entire stimulus spend was $100 billion and there was a GFC going on. But I know what you are thinking. The coalition will cut the carbon tax and this will save us money.

Oh dear. The carbon tax as with the mining tax are REVENUE streams. Income. The coalition have just earmarked spending $61 billion in new spending while cutting its own revenue. So if the money does not come from there, then where? And before you go all apeshit on the mining tax, its based on profit and production is ramping which means expect to make more profit. Also it is STILL income. If the amount it generates does not start to become effective for a while, you don’t need to cut it as a revenue source. Especially in a budget emergency when you need all the income you can find.

Abbott says he already outlined savings. He claims somewhere between 5bn and 17 bn based on his NPC speech. But he is also now outlining a spend of $61bn so far.

Then he intends to cut two income sources. And then he will either take out the credit card or find 61bn of spending cuts.

Now Australia. Think very very carefully here. Remember when it flooded in Qld and NSW and VIC and Gillard proposed a flood levy to raise the 2bn dollars. Abbott and the coalition said it was a waste of money and the govt should find savings. Then the entire coalition money team locked themselves into a room for week and when they emerged, they could not find the two billion in cuts. In fact they instead deferred programs rather than cut.

So unable to find 2 billion in savings only 2 years ago, and with the claim that we are in a budget emergency, the coalition now want you to believe that they can find $61bn in cuts.

This is before they then find the cuts needed for when they remove the carbon and mining tax like they promise. And this is also well before they find the structural budgetary changes the opinion writers keep talking about.

Its not having a whinge. You and I have a right to know. Where Is the money coming from?



A. Ghebranious August 2013

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  1. brenton permalink

    from your pocket by increasing GST

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