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Why the coalition is duding the nation with their 2km boxes plan.


The coalition version of the NBN should be called sieve for all the holes it has. You can see right through it. But what disturbs me is the lack of critical examination of the coalition fraud.

The first big problem is the 2km box thing. This is CLEARLY designed for urban areas. There are properties in the country that people need to travel 2kms just to get to their front gate and mail box. In towns and cities, this box idea gives you ADLS2 speeds. Here is the problem. People in the cities and urban towns can probably already get ADSL2. Its those who live in the regions that are the ones crying out for broadband and this coalition version will not deliver.

The second problem is a structural one and goes to the heart of why this plan is a dud.

Telstra is the company that Abbott and the coalition are going to turn to to maintain the copper. Take your time to think what this means.

For example, FOXTEL not only runs a entertainment cable channel, they also maintain their HFC system. If there is a problem, FOXTEL sends out its engineers post haste. Why? Because the cable is VITAL to their income. Bad cable means bad service and that means bad business. This would be EXACTLY the same with the ALP version of the NBN with the fibre to the home being maintained by NBNco. And as with FOXTEL, any line disruptions need to be attended to asap as bad service also means bad business.

However, under the coalition plan, Telstra maintains the copper part and the NBNco will maintain the fibre part. Since Telstra is a large organisation and a private one, they look at the earnings they get from the copper revenue and decide how much money they will spend maintaining it. The copper line is not critical to their core business (mobile services these days)and very few of its customers still have land lines. Since this means the copper is not that important to them, you can bet your house that they will not spend any more then they have to maintaining it.

Under the coalition plan, NBNco will NOT be able to demand Telstra get to the repairs any faster than Telstra are prepared to do so. Currently the land line repair turn over for telstra is up to a week. Sometime two if cable needed replacing. Thirty years ago, when Telstra core business was the copper, then repair time was 24 hours.

The coalition version of the NBN will see NBNco have another company look after a critical part of the NBN that without, no service can be delivered. But for Telstra, this copper is not as vital. Any telstra delays to the copper will not be seen as telstra delays but NBNco delays by their customers who are paying for a service and not getting. NBNco may make a press release, but there is nothing in the coalition plan that will guarantee timely repairs on the copper on demand. Nor is Telstra bound to make repairs not in accordance with the main business taking priority.

Why is it that the coalition are allowing FOXTEL the security of being able to control its own delivery pipeline and the coalition forcing the NBNco to hand over that ability to secure its own service infrastructure?

So the coalition NBN version will end up creating a regional divide with its urban box system design AND will ensure that the NBNco is hamstrung from the start. This will lead to reports of bad service and in turn tar and feather the NBN as a whole. And in so doing, give the NBN a bad reputation.




A. Ghebranious August 2013

  1. Yeah, I’m in a regional area. I’ve already got NBN. The ALP version. It is grate. My satellite nbn allows for a max download of 6 Mbps. They said they will not replace our bit of Cu with fibre.

    I can’t wait for the cheap liberal version when I’ll get a lousy 25Mbps from the Telstra box 1.5 km down the road.

  2. Sexy Gal permalink

    The nation is being duded dude!

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