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Why the NBN really does scare Rupert Murdoch


A NBN, a REAL NBN, will hurt the media moguls the most. This is really obvious when you think about it. It’s why Rupert is very afraid.

Currently the coalition want to offer you a downloading service. A reasonable download speed, but bugger all upload speed. The coalition want to tell you that that is all the internet really is anyway. A downloading service. But its oh so much more.

A FTTH has many advantages over a hybrid copper version. The first being reliability. Fibre is not affected so much by storms or rain or heat. It is also much easier to track down physical line breaks with fibre and much easier to systems check. Copper errors on a FTTN system as proposed by the coalition may come from a variety of reasons including electrical interference from a source external to the network. It takes a lot longer to systems check and longer again to track down faults.

But ultimately, a hybrid system can only offer a poor upload speed. It’s just physics really. This means media organisations such as Rupert’s Fox network can continue to control the share of content. Yes you can watch Comedy Central or HBO or whatever, but to get to them you pay Rupert a fee and he sends them to you.

Under a FULL fibre NBN (FTTH) system, this suddenly can change. Comedy Central can choose to no longer give Murdoch’s Fox their channel and instead choose to broadcast it directly themselves. They no longer need Fox to distribute their content as they can do it themselves. And THAT is what scares Rupes. If you think about it, Fox only makes Fox news. And they make deals with sporting teams to show sports. But again. This will change.

Suddenly the NRL for example can choose to air its own games on its own channel. Each stadium would then have the option of recording/televising/streaming the game DIRECTLY through the NRL bypassing the need to go through the middle man. Suddenly the NBA can have its own channel. The NFL, AFL, ICC, you name it. They no longer NEED Murdoch or his Fox distributor.

Likewise for each and every single person connected to a FTTH system, they can create their OWN channel out of their garage and yes, even Independent News shows can be aired to compete with the current MSM mainstays.

So yes. Rupert is scared. As he should be. The coalition version of broadband puts a smile on Rupert’s face because it makes sure that he will ALWAYS be a middle man between consumer and content.

So where does this leave a bloke like Malcolm Turnbull? Well. I guess in the middle. Stuck with his boss.



Oh! If you dont to believe me, here is a link to a search of WEB based radio stations. Some aired out of peoples houses.

And here are WEB TV sites


A. Ghebranious 2013

One Comment
  1. andrew thomas permalink

    THIS IS IT!!!!!! We have to convince the NRL loving Western Suburbs people that the NBN means FREE FOOTY on line – ( with the right plan) …

    And we can um.. other stuff but great article

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